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Microsoft Announces U-Turn On DRM & Online Policies For The Xbox One

If you have checked any gaming website in the past two hours, then you won’t have failed to notice that Microsoft have announced an enormous reversal in their policies regarding online gameplay and digital rights management for the Xbox One. In a nutshell, whereas before the Xbox One required you to connect to the internet every 24 hours in order to authenticate games to play and locked games to a single Xbox Live account, Don Mattrick has now confirmed via the official Xbox News website that this won’t be the case after feedback from consumers. The following is quoted directly from the site: Continue reading Microsoft Announces U-Turn On DRM & Online Policies For The Xbox One

E3 2013 – Coverage Of The Conferences

Well what a change in fortunes – E3 this year has been nothing short of excellent to watch. Whereas the past few conferences have been relatively staid, cautious and sometimes very awkward affairs, 2013 has seen E3 return to what it should be – a true gamers conference. Badly choreographed on stage segments are now seemingly a thing of the past, and while a lot of the content on show was pre-rendered footage rather than actual gameplay, the games themselves came thick and fast with plenty of new and fresh ideas in the mix. Also, with the PS4 and the Xbox One going up against each other head-to-head for the first time, we could anticipate that something special was going to be in the works.

The following report is not a completely in depth take on events (check your friendly neighbourhood gaming website for an intricate breakdown of what happened), but rather the things that I personally took away from the best E3 conference in years. Continue reading E3 2013 – Coverage Of The Conferences

E3 2013 – The Top Five Things I’m Anticipating And Conference Times

(UPDATE – E3 2013 has since passed. If you want to read my recollection of events, then click here for the article)

All eyes on the gaming world will be on Los Angeles later today – it might not be the best gaming conference in existence (that title for me belongs to GamesCom), but E3 is certainly the biggest of them all and as a result garners the attention of the media like no other gaming event.

For the past two years I have produced a relatively in depth live-blog of events as they unfolded through the day (which, if you want to invoke a bit of nostalgia and have a laugh at all the broken promises can be seen here both for 2011 and 2012) – I very much enjoyed typing up these reports, but this year a combination of actual academic work, a lack of a laptop that won’t overheat after five hours and general laziness means that I’ll be producing a much more concise report on events which you should expect around Wednesday or Thursday.

Still, this doesn’t stop me from casting an optimistic eye over what I hope might happen at this years E3; so without further ado, these are the top five things that I will be looking forward to over the next twenty four hours. Continue reading E3 2013 – The Top Five Things I’m Anticipating And Conference Times

First Impressions Of The Xbox One

Following its official reveal yesterday afternoon, the next generation Xbox is now a reality. It’s called the Xbox One (meaning the award for “Most Inspiring Eighth Generation Console Name” is a no score draw between the big three), and it has apparently been designed as the ultimate entertainment device for the living room, offering ‘simple, instant and complete’ solutions to all your entertainment problems. But rather than solve problems, the reveal of the Xbox One has caused a wave of headaches amongst gamers the world over – the main problem being, at this moment in time, why the hell would you even consider wanting one? Continue reading First Impressions Of The Xbox One