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Headline Of The Week

A dedicated UK cultural centre for gaming is to open in Nottingham in 2015, at a projected cost of £2.5 million. Established by GameCity (who run an annual festival in the city), The National Videogame Arcade will open its doors in March; offering ‘a civic, cultural and academic space dedicated to the public’s relationship with videogames’.

This unassuming building in Nottingham will soon have the honour of being one of the first cultural landmarks for games in the world
This unassuming building in Nottingham will soon have the honor of being one of the first cultural landmarks for games in the world – I’ll be up for giving it a visit when it opens

Aiming to provide a gaming equivalent of the BFI (British Film Institute), the project is set to cover four floors and 33,000sq ft, hosting interactive quarterly exhibitions and providing facilities for education on game development in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University. The Arcade will also be the new home of thousands of items from the National Video Game Archive, looking to celebrate the UK’s illustrious history in the industry. Ian Livingstone CBE (the co-founder of Games Workshop who will sit on the Arcade’s advisory board) had the following to say regarding the project:

“For the millions of people who love them, it’s only natural that videogames should have their own, permanent cultural home…just as fine art enjoys the National Gallery, performance has the National Theatre, and film and music have many permanent spaces that celebrate them – it’s fantastic news that GameCity are pioneering this vital and much needed new space.

“Videogames have an important role to play in our economy, our education policies and our cultural lives – so whilst it’s taken a long time to arrive, I can’t wait to visit the first ever National Videogame Arcade’



Headline Of The Week

Microsoft is looking to lay off 18,000 staff over the next six months; the largest turnaround in workforce the company has seen in 39 years. It is expected that over $800 million will be paid in benefits and severance packages, and although it is expected that many of the cuts will be taken from the recently acquired Nokia branch, the Xbox division will also be affected with Microsoft looking to close down Xbox Entertainment Studios.

XES, which was formed only as recently as February 2013 will continue to produce the Halo: Nightfall series and a document about Atari, having already premiered football documentary Every Street United which coincided with the World Cup. The shutdown of the studio means however that progress on over a dozen series will be cancelled, and heavily calls into question Microsoft’s strategy going forward as original Xbox content was one of the original selling points for the console (existing TV deals with the likes of NFL will continue), alongside the recently jettisoned Kinect peripheral. The move also flies in the face of a recent trend for streaming services providing original content with Netflix proving to be the most successful, and Amazon & Sony amongst others having projects waiting in the wings.

Recent changes do seems to suggest that after a years indecision and u-turns, Microsoft are once again looking to focus the Xbox One on the gaming audience. You can read the internal e-mail sent by Xbox chief Phil Spencer to staff about XES via Game Informer. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 14TH – 20TH JULY


Headline Of The Week

An unexpected Nintendo Direct broadcast midweek brought some unexpected surprises, none moreso than Hyrule Warriors – a collaboration of The Legend Of Zelda and Toei’s Dynasty Warriors series coming soon for the Wii U (check out the trailer below). Could this be the first Dynasty Warriors game that will be non-repetitive? Don’t be foolish – however the team up does suggest that Nintendo’s previously announced intentions to get its legendary IP’s involved with other developers may be more than just smoke and mirrors.

Among the other headline announcements were new DLC packs for Sonic: Lost World based around Yoshi’s Island and Zelda, the continuation of the Year Of Luigi with Dr. Luigi heading to the eShop on January 15th 2014 in Europe, and a confirmed European release date for Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright on the 3DS of March 28th 2014.

And while we are no closer to having a release date for the next installment of Super Smash Bros, a new character has been confirmed in the form of Princess Rosalina and her companion Luma from Super Mario Galaxy. Perhaps more excitingly, the game will also feature a stage based on everyone’s favorite twisty-turny racetrack, Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart series. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 16TH – 22ND DECEMBER