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Headline Of The Week

If there is anything to take out of this week, it’s that we’ve all apparently been lied to. You don’t need to wait until June 9th for all the big E3 announcements, because the likes of Microsoft and Ubisoft have been spilling the beans on projects left, right and centre over the past seven days.

Let’s start with the big news from Microsoft – starting from June 9th in all markets, you will be able to purchase an Xbox One without a Kinect sensor for £349; a price cut of just under £70 from the original RRP. Whereas the Kinect had been placed as ‘an absolutely integral part of the Xbox One experience’ and was originally set to be a mandatory requirement, a dearth of games utilizing the system, negative consumer feedback and the fact that the move now puts Microsoft’s console on a level pricing field to the PlayStation 4 seems to have forced Microsoft’s hand yet again on the console – which has earned a reputation for u-turns in policy.

The other announcements from Microsoft this week also suggest that they are finally in tune with the modern gaming audience; namely the requirement to have an Xbox Live Gold account to use entertainment apps on Xbox 360 and Xbox One is to be dropped in June as well (meaning that services including Netflix which require their own subscription and simpler applications like Internet Explorer or Twitch, free to use on pretty much every other device in the world, are no longer behind a paywall). Consumers will still need a Gold account to get online multiplayer and Games With Gold, but even the latter has received some boosting news – the service will be coming to Xbox One in June, debuting with Max: Curse Of The Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault, while 360 owners will get Dark Souls, Charlie Murder & Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

Oh yeah – and Halo 5: Guardians has been confirmed for an Autumn 2015 release.

The question is now then – are you more tempted to pick up an Xbox One?

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Most Important Headline Of The Week

The greatest of all the Pokemon, Charizard, has been confirmed as a standalone character for Super Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U. Let’s take a moment to bask in his magnificence.

Hail To The King!
Hail To The King!

The Other Headline Of The Week

The Nintendo Direct presentation on Tuesday also revealed plenty more details on the upcoming Super Smash Bros – most important of all was the news that the 3DS version will be launching in the Summer ahead of the Wii U version, which still has a non-specific release date of late 2014.

The 40 minute presentation (hosted by Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai) also had plenty more surprises in store; revealing new items, assist trophies & stages, a two tier system for online play separating those who wish for fun or glory, and a brand new game mode called Smash Run which will be 3DS exclusive. Finally, it was confirmed that Yoshi will return to the roster (along with Zero Suit Samus and Sheik who now have individual spots) with the second newcomer from the Pokemon series unveiled to be Greninja. If you missed the presentation on Tuesday, you can watch the whole thing via the video link below.