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Top Ten…Levels In Gaming

Sometimes when you play a game, you have to stand back and just simply admire the game world that you are playing in. It can be a variety of things that can trigger this off; an epic vista, a serious confrontation, a challenging enviorment, a funny situation, a serious situation etc. The point remains: some locations in games simply get lodged in our heads and we never forget them.

My purpose in writing this list is to share an insight into the sorts of gaming locations that have had an effect on me and become great favourites of mine. This list is not ranked as some of my others have been; quite frankly I would find it difficult to rank these memories on merit, and so they are simply listed in the order they came to my head. I also admit that the title of the article is a bit loose; some of the locations mentioned aren’t ‘levels’ in the platforming sense of the word, but I couldn’t think of a better term so it will do. And so without further ado; my favourite levels/places/locations in my gaming history. Continue reading Top Ten…Levels In Gaming

Top Ten…Console Startups

Seeing the startup screen of a console can evoke many different emotions in gamers. For some, it can lead to a moment of massive nostalgia, others may feel perhaps a twinge of dissapointment that the games that they played after that screen were not as good as anticipated. The startup screen is the gateway into gaming for all consoles, and some have really caught the imagination and stayed in our memories for a long time. What I have done here then is ranked my top 10 favourite startup screens, and given a quick reasoning behind my choices. Continue reading Top Ten…Console Startups

Top Ten…Most Overpowered Weapons In Gaming

Weapons are widespread in the gaming world; of course they serve as being the main tools to defeat the bad guys in your way. However, some weapons have achieved notoriety for simply being too powerful or ‘cheap’; this list is a rundown of the most overpowered weapons that I have seen in games that I have played. Continue reading Top Ten…Most Overpowered Weapons In Gaming