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Top Ten…Easter Eggs In Gaming

Every now and again, when a game is being developed those involved in the process like to have a bit of fun, and add items and references that one may not necessarily encounter in a standard playthrough. These hidden things have come to be known as Easter Eggs in games, and often times our pervading memories of a game are the strange things that you can encounter that the developers subtly added to the mix – whether they be humorous, informative or a dig at other developers, its always a rewarding process to find such things. There have been a multitude of Easter Eggs popping up in games over the years, and what better time to celebrate the best of them than Easter – the festival of eating chocolate eggs. Below is my personal top ten favourite Easter Eggs that I have encountered in a game. Continue reading Top Ten…Easter Eggs In Gaming

Why Square And Nintendo Should Have Never Split – Super Mario RPG Review


Mario, Peach and Bowser as allies? That will never catch on....

A while back, I published a Top Ten List featuring the best Mario games that aren’t platformers, and I ended up placing Super Mario RPG at the top of the list. I reckon there are two types of people when it comes to this game; those who aren’t even aware of its existence, and those who think that its one of the best RPG’s available on the SNES, by itself a very impressive feat. The premise really shouldn’t work, but this game demonstrates for me just what Nintendo and Squaresoft could do when they worked together, and arguably what Nintendo lost out on when Squaresoft pledged its allegiances to Sony in the fifth generation console battle. Continue reading Why Square And Nintendo Should Have Never Split – Super Mario RPG Review