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Headline Of The Week

The State Council of China has temporarily removed a 14 year ban on selling video game consoles, sparking a battle for control of one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

Whereas before the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony had been prevented from selling their wares in the country, a report from Reuters suggests that ‘foreign-invested enterprises’ are now allowed to make consoles within Shanghai’s free trade zone and distribute them around the country with the prior approval of the Chinese government. No information has been provided on how long the ban will be lifted for

China is and has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world over the past few years, with a desire to modernize and a massive population to sell to. Whether or not the majority of the native population will be able to afford to buy consoles is an issue to be considered, but the videogame industry has a history of being able to successfully penetrate poorer foreign markets – for example, Sega proved to be very popular in Brazil and other South American countries during the Genesis era. This will be a story to follow with interest. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 5TH – 12TH JANUARY


Headline Of The Week

Thousands of videos on YouTube featuring gameplay footage have been flagged following the instigation of new scanning features. Google, who own YouTube, is using a new Content ID system that automatically flags content in breach of copyright, and many users who regularly upload gaming content have been caught out with any potential revenue generated from the video being redirected to the owner of the copyright.

In spite of these new measures, a number of developers have moved to support the content creators; Blizzard (World Of Warcraft, Diablo), Capcom, Deep Silver and Ubisoft have all claimed that they wish for content from their games to remain on the video sharing site and that they did not call for the cull of videos. Most recently Valve has also given its blessing to non-commercial videos.

The legality of gaming videos and the content within them has become a thorny issue this year, following Nintendo’s announcement that they would receive a portion of advertising revenue from clips featuring their games. YouTube have invited users affected by ‘invalid’ Content ID claims to get in touch Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 8TH – 15TH DECEMBER