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Tactical Espionage Action For All – Metal Gear Solid Review


I adore the artwork for Metal Gear Solid…its superb

It’s not often that a game can come along and invent an entire genre by itself. And yet when Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998 that is exactly what it did. By making the player use stealth and not just charge in all guns blazing, and by making a game that had cinematics and presentation almost on par with that which was coming out of Hollywood, Hideo Kojima created a legendary game. The effect of Metal Gear Solid is still felt today; it remains one of the highest rated games of all time on Metacritic and every game since that has featured some element of stealth has to dock its cap to Kojima.

And yet for 12 years after its release, I never played a minute of this game. I had the Playstation all set for it, and yet never managed to get a copy. Imagine my delight therefore when I found a near mint copy in a local retro store for £8 last year. Several playthroughs later, and I now find myself in a position where I can explain what Metal Gear Solid does so well. Continue reading Tactical Espionage Action For All – Metal Gear Solid Review