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The Game For Steve McQueen – Driver Review


In 1968, the film Bullitt was released in America. There was a plot about something in it, but no one remembers that – instead, you mention the film to anyone and the first thing they will remember is the legendary car chase scene. Weighing in at 10 minutes and taking place in the hills of San Francisco, it was longer than any chase scene that had gone before it, and has been revered ever since as the greatest chase scene of them all. What makes it special, is that it defines the word ‘cool’ – Steve McQueen, burning rubber and speeding through the city in his green Mustang is quite the memorable sight. Sadly, even if you went out and bought a muscle car, you couldn’t replicate what happens in the film…because of traffic. And the law. When Reflections Interactive released Driver in 1999 however, it represented a chance to finally live out the dreams that had been inspired by all the great car chases we were treated to in the 60’s and 70’s; big open 3D cities where you were the man in the muscle car and where you could stick it to the police whenever you wanted. The question is then, did Driver fulfil its promise? Continue reading The Game For Steve McQueen – Driver Review