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Dazcooke Presents…Ranking The James Bond Films

The year of 2012 marked fifty years since the very first James Bond film, Dr No, was released in cinemas, and in the time since then there have been twenty-three films in the iconic spy franchise. Personally I am a big fan of Mr Bond; after all I’m English and male; those facts alone sort of makes 007 my automatic idol – a man who drives the most exotic cars, charms the most beautiful women, drinks like a fish and doesn’t care about the consequences of skiing on your lunch: what’s not to like?

Despite this however, before a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t actually watched the large majority of the films. Many of the more recent Bond flicks were repeated on ITV almost every Saturday during the 1990s, so I watched the likes of Tomorrow Never Dies about forty times as a child – the other films escaped my attention though. Upon clearing out some cupboards back home, I found my dad’s complete collection of the films he received as a Christmas present about a year ago, and decided to right a few wrongs by watching the films. And as I watched, I couldn’t help but contemplate the most difficult question of them all – what is the best Bond film? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by breaking out the list format: worst to best. Many others have tried the same impossible challenge, and I’m now throwing my two cents into the arena.

For the sake of keeping things simple, I have excluded the unofficial films from the rankings (Casino Royale (1967) & Never Say Never Again (1983)). Of course, this list is purely my own opinion; feel free to weigh in with your own comments below

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