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Metal Gear Sheep – Sheep Dog ‘N’ Wolf Review


This is actually one of my favourite pieces of boxart: Ralph looks like he means business...

As you may have seen in one of my earlier blog posts, I recently traded in a load of old PS1 games, one of which was Sheep Dog ‘N’ Wolf. Upon returning a few days later out of curiosity to see how much stuff was being sold for, I noticed that it had obtained the value of £14. A few weeks later, I still cannot work out why it is worth that much. Is it perhaps simply the rarity of the thing (I could only find two copies on Ebay), or is there something that I overlooked when I sold it? Time for an investigation: review style of course

The game kind of came out of nowhere in 2001, and I am not sure many people now are aware of it, so let me give some background. The whole game is based around a game show (set in the Looney Tunes world with Daffy Duck as the host) in which Ralph Wolf must steal sheep from Sam the Sheepdog. There are around 18 stages where Ralph must try and infiltrate the flock, always under the watchful eye of Sam, and lure a sheep away to a target zone, a big white circle in the level. And that’s it pretty much plotwise; sure there are cameos from other Looney Tunes characters to help you out (for example Porky Pig grows lettuces that can be used to attract the sheep, and Road Runner is present to race against on a later stage), but in essence its just a wolf, a dog, and some sheep. Make you wonder why game titles can’t be so succinct nowadays. Continue reading Metal Gear Sheep – Sheep Dog ‘N’ Wolf Review

Bending Physics And Breaking Hearts – Portal Review


To quote Micheal Sheen in Tron Legacy - 'This is going to be quite the ride...'

When The Orange Box was released in 2007, no-one expected that a small puzzle game bundled into the mixture would become the standout package. And yet that is what Portal has managed to achieve, winning gamers over with outstanding use of physics, clever puzzles, and a highly popular villain. Recently, GamesRadar placed Portal as the #1 game on their Top 100 Games Of All Time List, and this review is written as a response to this decision, to see if the choice is justified. Continue reading Bending Physics And Breaking Hearts – Portal Review