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The Beautiful Game At Its Best – FIFA 12 Review

FIFA 12 (2011) – EA CANADA

The beautiful game....represented by two players most people want to punch

I have a confession to make – every September, around the end of the month, I suffer from an intense moment of madness. Basically, what I do is pop into my local gaming store, put £40 down on the desk, and demand a copy of the brand new FIFA. Every year I tell myself ‘what’s the point, you happily played the last game for a year, why get essentially an upgrade?’ – over the last four years however, the decision has been a bit easier to stomach each time. FIFA (since its jump to the 7th generation of consoles) has trounced the once mighty Pro Evolution Soccer, and each iteration since FIFA 09 has steadily improved on a very solid recipe. That’s why this September I had no qualms about paying for the latest edition, FIFA 12.

Now as a general rule of thumb, I do not write full reviews for football games, but I have spent so much time on the game recently that it would be a shame to give it a short excerpt and call it a day. FIFA 12 can be initially a massive headache even for the most experienced players, but once you learn to play the game and respect the new changes, it rewards you will possibly the best footballing experience one can get on a console, and one that I cant see being matched for quite a while. Continue reading The Beautiful Game At Its Best – FIFA 12 Review