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IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis

And so here we are: IGN has completed its countdown of what it feels to be the Top 100 ‘Modern Games’. If you don’t feel like clicking through one hundred different screens, I have saved you the trouble by compiling the results into this list along with information on the games release and developers. Be aware that this list as a result will contain massive spoilers: you have been warned. If you want the original format then go to IGN’s site here, otherwise without further ado, from 100 down to number 1, here is the list: Continue reading IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis

Classic Sonic Returns, Gears 3 Beta Is Opened, And Portal 2 Gets Its Release

Now that the summer is here, the gaming world is really starting to pick up the pace; in the last day or two we have heard a big announcement from Sega about their next project, a beta opened for what will be one of the more popular titles of the year, the release of the first ‘AAA’ game of the year, and more rumours about Nintendo’s new console…

So then, lets start off by looking at Sega. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, they have announced a new title, to be called Sonic Generations: and the major selling point is that CLASSIC SONIC IS BACK!!! Yep, pot belly, button nose and everything. The main plot of the story is that an unnamed villain has opened up rifts in time or something stupid, meaning that Classic Sonic and New Sonic have to team up to defeat him. What is interesting is the gameplay that has been revealed; the game will feature old school 2D offerings for Classic Sonic with a basic moveset (directions, jumping and spin dashing), while offering 3D inventions of the same stages for new Sonic to combo and dash through. All the stages will be taken straight from Sonics 20 year history, with the only one revealed at the moment being the iconic Green Hill Zone. The trailer for the game looks brilliant; Classic Sonics 2D run through the graphically improved zone looks much more…well, classic, than it did in the poorly received Sonic 4 Episode 1, and New Sonics breakneck speed run through a 3D environment will no doubt please modern fans of the series. No word has been given yet on whether other characters from the series, such as Tails, Knuckles and Shadow, will receive a similar treatment. Continue reading Classic Sonic Returns, Gears 3 Beta Is Opened, And Portal 2 Gets Its Release

Bending Physics And Breaking Hearts – Portal Review


To quote Micheal Sheen in Tron Legacy - 'This is going to be quite the ride...'

When The Orange Box was released in 2007, no-one expected that a small puzzle game bundled into the mixture would become the standout package. And yet that is what Portal has managed to achieve, winning gamers over with outstanding use of physics, clever puzzles, and a highly popular villain. Recently, GamesRadar placed Portal as the #1 game on their Top 100 Games Of All Time List, and this review is written as a response to this decision, to see if the choice is justified. Continue reading Bending Physics And Breaking Hearts – Portal Review