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Time To Get Metallic – Pokemon Gold & Silver Review


Did you know that Ho-Oh was in the first episode of Pokemon?

A few weeks ago, Pokemon Black & White were finally released in the United Kingdom, and my friends (who are all hip and have a DS…or a 3DS) all rushed out to buy it. My level of interest in Pokemon is perhaps not as high these days as it was back when I was 10 (still playing Red & Blue for the win), but I know enough about the series to notice a certain lack of excitement amongst my friends as the weeks have passed. Sure, they have continued to play Black & White, but there doesn’t seem to be the same spark or joy anymore. I personally blame the new cast of Pokemon; when you have to base one on a bag of rubbish (which for months I thought was a troll), you get the sense Game Freak are running out of ideas.

Which brings me neatly to the issue of the 2nd generation of Pokemon, with Gold & Silver. The first generation had taken the world by storm, and we were all eagerly awaiting the next adventure, where we were promised a new land, and 100 brand new Pokemon. The point is, at this time it was the first time Game Freak had pulled this trick, so we were all still interested and bought it. And I’m happy I did, because Gold & Silver picked up where Red & Blue had left off and improved it. Continue reading Time To Get Metallic – Pokemon Gold & Silver Review