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Time To Go Monochrome – Pokemon Black And White Review


Reshiram and Zekrom look moody on the front covers

I think it would be fair to say that coming into the start of last year, the Pokemon franchise had become a bit stale. The games were still international best sellers, but the fourth generation of games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) had a pretty lazy roster of new monsters, and these were followed up by remakes of the second generation games Gold & Silver, which while good, were essentially rehashed games from the last decade. Pokemon needed a serious kick up the arse to keep itself relevant.

Enter the fifth generation of Pokemon, in the form of Black & White. These games brought 150 completely original monsters into the fray, and introduced a number of new features designed to get a whole new generation of children into Pokemon. Now the advertsing must have been pretty effective, because in November last year I actually went out and purchased a DS to get back into Pokemon after a five year hiatus, picking up a copy of Pokemon White in the process. After a modest 160 hours of game-time, I feel well placed to give my thoughts on whether Black & White have done the trick, and made Pokemon interesting again. Continue reading Time To Go Monochrome – Pokemon Black And White Review

Pokemon Black/White 2 Officially Revealed

On Saturday, the director behind the Pokemon series of games, Junichi Masuda, told fans to tune into the Pokemon Smash channel for a very big announcement. You could be forgiven for completely ignoring the man – after all, the Pokemon Company have become quite notorious over time for overhyping relatively mundane announcements, but this time we have a genuine surprise. It’s not Pokemon Grey – but rather we are getting Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2; the first numeric sequels in the history of Pokemon.

The quite unexpected announcement came with relatively few details with regards to gameplay or plot, but here are the main headlines – it will be a DS game rather than a 3DS title (although of course 3DS owners can play DS cartridges), they will be released in Japan this coming June with a US release coming soon after, and a teaser site has been set up showing only the following image:

Not sure if genetic experiment gone wrong....

Now if you have played Black and White, you will immediately recognise the monsters on show here – it’s the game mascots Zekrom and Reshiram…only they appear to have been fused with the ice dragon Kyurem. Nothing more has been said yet about the game, so we have to wait until further news from Masuda himself to confirm what the hell is going on. Could we be seeing Pokemon fusions? I for one hope not.

I’ll update this story when I steal more news from sites that actually break the story in the next few weeks.

UPDATE:News has come in today confirming an Autumn release date for the UK. Very good stuff indeed. Now to see what the game plays like…