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Better Than Brawl? Nope, Getting There Though – Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Review


Limited Edition covers for specific characters were also available. My mate has Drake on the box
Limited Edition covers for specific characters were also available. My mate has Drake taking front stage on the box

Ever since its inception as an idea, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (PSABR) has had a troubled life. As soon as it was placed under the public spotlight, it was shrugged off as an inferior Super Smash Bros. clone. As the roster was slowly unveiled, Sony fans (including myself I must admit) criticised the inclusion or exclusion of certain characters – no Snake, Lara, Crash or Spyro, but two versions of Cole from InFAMOUS and a cat mascot from Japan? When it came to release, reviews were no better than average. A lack of advertising or exposure in general meant it limped into the UK charts at 37th place. And then eventually, SuperBot and Sony parted ways and thus nixed the chance of any significant future DLC. A few months on, the world has largely forgotten that the game exists.

And this is a great shame; because despite the many flaws that the game has, for me it is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences of recent times. Continue reading Better Than Brawl? Nope, Getting There Though – Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Review

Top Ten…Opening Cinematics In Gaming

The introduction of compact discs (CD’s) in the mid 1990s as the data storage device of choice for games (excluding Nintendo) had quite a few notable side effects. In addition to larger game worlds, more complex graphics and better sound quality, the increased space available to developers allowed for the inclusion of something quite new – an opening cinematic video that played before the title screen popped up. These videos were often pre-rendered and served no purpose other than to get gamers pumped for the experience ahead of them. It became quite a popular feature, and nowadays many games offer opening cinematics with extraordinary production values. In this list, I aim to offer my opinion of what are some of the finest opening videos in gaming history.

For the purposes of this list, I wanted to limit any choices to purely video footage, or at least bare minimum interaction before you start the game – I will admit I am quite a fan of ‘interactive openings’ combining cinematics and gameplay (the openings to Mass Effect 2, Bioshock and Uncharted 2 in particular are excellent examples), but for me personally an opening cinematic should have no interaction from the player; they should have to do nothing except enjoy watching it. Continue reading Top Ten…Opening Cinematics In Gaming

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale – Who Should Be On The Roster?

Yesterday, Evolution 2012 kicked off in all its glory at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. For those of you who may be unaware, Evolution is an annual tournament bringing together the greatest players of fighting games in the world, who contest over a variety of titles for big cash prizes. In amongst footage of some scarily good Street Fighter 4 players, there was a demonstration of Sony’s upcoming Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, which is now set for release on October 26th 2012. The headline news from this demonstration was the announcement of two new characters for the roster – Heihachi (from the Tekken series) and Toro (Sony’s mascot cat which is most popular in Japan). This brings the total announced roster thus far to 10 characters; and while there is still time for further announcements, some people found last nights reveals to be a bit underwhelming. This begs the question then – who is left to make the cut?

To answer this question, I have once again asked for the help of a guest writer. Therefore taking the reins for a record breaking second time is Mr Stephen Jackman, a fellow part time games jorunalist and all round fan of all things Sony and fighting. Enjoy!

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Remaining Roster Speculation

With leaks of characters and reveals popping up here, there and everywhere, it’s hard not to speculate about the cast of characters that are going to appear in a big crossover fighter such as Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. Maybe we are leading ourselves to disappointment or forgetting some memorable names leading to genuine surprise and excitement. Regardless, the process of putting together lists with friends has been fun, and my own views on the matter can be seen below. The way I have structured my character choices puts them into a ‘one or the other’ scenario; I see it possible in some situations that some if not all the characters are included but I think at least one will make it in to represent that field.  There are ten fields that I believe will be filled by one of each at least (a cheeky way of avoiding narrowing it down to a top ten list). It is a sort of top ten list but clearly not. Continue reading Playstation All Stars Battle Royale – Who Should Be On The Roster?

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Confirmed + Screens And Gameplay Footage

Its official – Sony Smash Brothers….I mean Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has been confirmed and shown off by Sony. Under the development of SuperBot Entertainment, the game will feature a roster of some of the most famous characters to have appeared on Sony consoles in a four player competitive environment, set for release sometime towards the end of this year.

Shameless copy or not, this game looks like it could be good fun

Initial details on the full roster are being kept sensibly under wraps, but we do know straight away that the likes of Kratos, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth and even Parappa The Rapper have made the cut, as these were the characters duking it out in the footage that Sony have released. It also appears that levels will feature a mashup of different franchises, as one stage is Metropolis from the Ratchet And Clank series…only the Hydra from God Of War is in the background ready to eat unwitting characters that get in its way. From the footage on offer, the game is running smoothly at 60fps, and has incorporated some of the elements that has made Nintendo’s Smash Brothers series so successful, including signature attacks and general gameplay that seems to follow (or copy, depending on your outlook) the organised flow of action that made Melee and Brawl such a joy to play.

Yes - thats Parappa the god-damn Rapper beating the hell out of Sweet Tooth

If words don’t do the trick, then you can view the game in action via the video below. Now, I shall put my hands together and hope that some of my all time favourite characters (*cough cough CLASSIC CRASH BANDICOOT*) also make it into the game. More news when Sony decided to release it…or it gets leaked.