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Headline Of The Week

After years of trials and tribulations, the cloud gaming company OnLive is set to die off – oh, the irony in a name…

Services for OnLive will end on April 30th 2015, with all games currently on the service turning free-to-play for all up to that point – which is a nice gesture. No further subscriptions will be charged, and those whose subscriptions were set to be renewed on or after March 20th will receive a full refund. Interestingly, Sony have moved in to buy all of OnLive’s cloud gaming patents which one would imagine will be utilized by the Gaikai service that Sony purchased three years ago for $380 million.

OnLive has struggled to capture gaming hearts since being founded in 2009 – the release of its set top box in the UK in 2011 received little fanfare, and several staff were laid off in August 2012. A new business model was introduced in May last year, but again it barely made a dent on the landscape. As it stands, there has been no streaming device with enough mass appeal to challenge the three main consoles on the market, and with the possible exception of the cheaper Steam Machines, that trend looks set to continue. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATES FOR 30TH MARCH – 5TH APRIL

The Best Internet Browser Games In The World

Once upon a time, there was a time that the Internet didn’t exist. Crazy, I know, but its true. Since the World Wide Web really picked up its stride in the late 1980’s, it has revolutionised pretty much every part of human life, from the way we communicate and get our information, right down to the small things…like writing gaming blogs. Games have of course also been dragged through time by the Internet, and while console gaming still absolutely dominates the market, that is not to say that there haven’t been a few gems available for free via your humble internet browser. I am personally very grateful to them, because it made IT lessons at school much more interesting. To try and cover the millions of games available would be impossible – instead, I simply aim to highlight what I think to be some of the greatest games that you can play on the internet right now. Continue reading The Best Internet Browser Games In The World