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Headline Of The Week

After years of trials and tribulations, the cloud gaming company OnLive is set to die off – oh, the irony in a name…

Services for OnLive will end on April 30th 2015, with all games currently on the service turning free-to-play for all up to that point – which is a nice gesture. No further subscriptions will be charged, and those whose subscriptions were set to be renewed on or after March 20th will receive a full refund. Interestingly, Sony have moved in to buy all of OnLive’s cloud gaming patents which one would imagine will be utilized by the Gaikai service that Sony purchased three years ago for $380 million.

OnLive has struggled to capture gaming hearts since being founded in 2009 – the release of its set top box in the UK in 2011 received little fanfare, and several staff were laid off in August 2012. A new business model was introduced in May last year, but again it barely made a dent on the landscape. As it stands, there has been no streaming device with enough mass appeal to challenge the three main consoles on the market, and with the possible exception of the cheaper Steam Machines, that trend looks set to continue. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATES FOR 30TH MARCH – 5TH APRIL


Headline Of The Week

Back in 2010, a new service called OnLive was created that allowed gamers to instantly stream a collection of titles across a cloud service. It was poorly received and ignored by all, meaning that by August 2012 OnLive was dead in the water. Following nearly a year and a half of utter silence and new financial backing, the service has returned for another bite of the cherry with a new business model.

With a new companion service called CloudLift, for 10 quid a month users can stream games they already own and sync saves through devices with an internet browser – in theory allowing you to player quite demanding games on low performance machines. Aiming to provide 720p visuals and 60fps, CloudLift most prominently works with games bought on Steam, and OnLive have also signed deals with a number of publishers to promote their games on the platform. Existing subscription services will continue to run, as will any games that users purchased on the old doomed microconsole that OnLive distributed.

Never mind issues with content or streaming lag; the interface is pretty ugly IMO
Never mind issues with content or streaming lag; the OnLive interface is pretty ugly and basic IMO

Will the reboot work? Probably not; the subscription fee will immediately alienate many, especially since you have no access to games outside of the ones you already own (meaning that OnLive is vastly different from the library based services such as Spotify or Netflix that it is comparing itself to). Added to this, Sony has their Playstation Now service raring to go as a major competitor, not all Steam games support cloud saves (meaning that you would have to start over again everytime you play on the move), and the fact that Steam themselves want to stream games makes OnLive kind of redundant.

Streaming could well be the future, but methinks this is too fractured a plan to work out well. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 3RD – 9TH MARCH