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Headline Of The Week

After years of trials and tribulations, the cloud gaming company OnLive is set to die off – oh, the irony in a name…

Services for OnLive will end on April 30th 2015, with all games currently on the service turning free-to-play for all up to that point – which is a nice gesture. No further subscriptions will be charged, and those whose subscriptions were set to be renewed on or after March 20th will receive a full refund. Interestingly, Sony have moved in to buy all of OnLive’s cloud gaming patents which one would imagine will be utilized by the Gaikai service that Sony purchased three years ago for $380 million.

OnLive has struggled to capture gaming hearts since being founded in 2009 – the release of its set top box in the UK in 2011 received little fanfare, and several staff were laid off in August 2012. A new business model was introduced in May last year, but again it barely made a dent on the landscape. As it stands, there has been no streaming device with enough mass appeal to challenge the three main consoles on the market, and with the possible exception of the cheaper Steam Machines, that trend looks set to continue. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATES FOR 30TH MARCH – 5TH APRIL


Headline Of The Week

Titanfall has a lot resting on its mecha-shoulders; EA want Respawn Entertainment’s debut first-person shooter to become a firm rival to Call Of Duty and the upcoming Destiny, and Microsoft will be desperate for it to be a system shifter for the Xbox One. Titanfall’s multiplayer-only focus means I’m personally not that interested, but the prior considerations are perhaps the reasons for the great deal of media focus on the closed beta for the game, which is running this weekend from the 14th-17th February.

People have been registering via the Titanfall website this past week, and the individuals lucky enough to have been selected for the beta (running on Xbox One and PC) will have access to three game modes called Attrition (deathmatch), Hardpoint (capture the base) and Last Titan Standing (self-explanatory). Strangely enough the beta will run in the slightly odd resolution of 1408×792 – which presumably will be a big deal to gamers obsessed with graphics.

Titanfall is set for release on PC and Xbox One on March 11th 2014, a few days before other big hitters like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son. The Xbox 360 version (which will presumably sell more given the bigger userbase) has been delayed until 25th March. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 10TH – 16TH FEBRUARY

The Sixth Generation Of Pokemon Announced – Pokemon X & Y

In a live video stream aired earlier this morning at 11am GMT, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced to the world that Pokemon will be entering into its sixth generation with two new games – Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The games will be in 3D (a first for the handheld games in the series) exclusively on the 3DS handheld console, and for the first time the games will be getting a synchronized worldwide release later this year, in October 2013.

The video showed off the three new starters for the sixth generation, as well as two new unidentified legendaries which will presumably act as the mascots for the two versions. The video also showed snippets of gameplay, including what appears to be a much more cinematic flow to battling. You can watch the video in HD via the link below.

What do we reckon then? It was inevitable that the series was going to make the transition to 3D at some point; I was surprised that Black & White 2 were available on the DS. What intrigues me the most is how quickly the new generation has come around – usually there is a bigger gap between titles. Here’s hoping they don’t rush it for the October release date.