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Headlines For 7th-13th September

Microsoft is set to shutter the Xbox Live Indie Games service. New submissions to the service were halted on September 9th, and anyone currently working on a title now has less than a year to complete it. The marketplace and XNA developer website will then be fully closed in September 2017 – although any content purchased before that point can still be played and downloaded if previously deleted.

The move is a long time coming; the Indie Games marketplace is largely filled with dross focusing on avatar interaction or shameless Minecraft rip-offs (with only the excellent I Maed A Gam3 W1th Z0mb1es worth a purchase), and has barely been promoted since 2011 when a Xbox 360 dashboard update pushed them out of sight. The Xbox One also launched without the programme, focusing instead on self-publishing indie titles through the much more promising ID@Xbox initiative which has the likes of Cuphead on it’s radar. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATES FOR 31ST AUGUST – 13TH SEPTEMBER


Headline Of The Week

Having skipped GamesCom 2015, Sony have outlined their planned conference for Paris Games Week.

The conference will be held at 5pm on Tuesday 27th October, and will mark the first big media showing from the Japanese giant since the headline announcements it unveiled at E3 earlier this year. It is unlikely that Sony will focus too much on the likes of The Last Guardian or the remake of Final Fantasy VII, but one would expect outings for No Man’s Sky, some of the games announced at last year’s GamesCom presentation included Rime & Wild, and maybe an update on the likes of The Witness.

Sony will also be doing its annual presentation at the Toyko Games Show halfway through September; where if I’m lucky they’ll be able to get Persona 5 shoehorned in for the end of the year. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 17TH -23RD AUGUST


Headline Of The Week

Most of the important news of the week has come from GamesCom 2015, the biggest European gaming convention on the calender held in Cologne, Germany. As previously reported Sony declined to hold a press conference this year, but there were still big presentations from Microsoft, EA and Blizzard Entertainment, the first two of which you can watch in their entirety online. I’ve picked out some of the juicer headlines below: Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 3RD – 10TH AUGUST


Headline Of The Week

The last dedicated gaming arcade in London, the Heart Of Gaming, is back up and running after thieves broke in and stole over £5,000 worth of consoles and equipment. The arcade was broken into on Tuesday night but the thieves did not target any of the arcade machines, which do not hold any money (all the machines are set to free-play, which is then covered by entry fees). A GoFundMe campaign set up in response to the robbery raised over £5,000 in less than 24 hours to help get the community run venue back on its feet. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 20TH -26TH JULY


Headline Of The Week

Following a relatively quiet start to the year for the videogame industry, several announcements made at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco have shocked and surprised punters, and suggested what trends the industry may be following in the next two years or so. Of particular interest are the following flashpoints…

  • Valve have revealed the Source 2 game engine, which will be free for third party developers to use (following in the footsteps of both the Unreal 4 and Unity engines). It comes over a decade since the first Source engine was released, which has been responsible for the likes of Counter Strike: Source, Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead & Portal. Jay Stelly from Valve has suggested that the open availability of game engines will help to ‘continue the PC’s dominance as the premiere content authoring platform’.
  • In addition to the Source 2 engine, Valve also unveiled the Steam Link – a device which will allow streaming from any PC or Steam Machine at 1080p which will release in November for $49.99 (the same price as the Steam Controller which will release at the same time). A new hardware tab has also been added to Steam detailing the final prices of the Steam Machines, ranging from $499 to $4999. Yep, FIVE GRAND – although you do get the option to have that particular machine with a granite base for absolutely no reason.
  • Developers will be allowed to create cross-buy & cross-play titles for Windows 10 PC’s and Xbox One when the OS is released in late 2015, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed. Games already confirmed to be using the cross-play functionality include Pinball FX2, #IDARB, Fable Legends and a certain space faring sim that was announced be to coming to Microsoft’s console…
  • And that game is Elite: Dangerous, which developer Frontier have confirmed will have the ‘same overarching narrative and galaxy state’ across PC, Xbox One and Mac systems. The game will enjoy its console debut on Xbox One, with David Braben later confirming on Twitter that the game will eventually be released on PS4 as well.
  • Finally, VR gaming took a good chunk of time at the conference as Sony outlined more details about its Morpheus heasdset, which it aims to have in production for general purchase in 2016. The headset now uses an OLED display running at 120fps, a higher rate than that offered by either the Facebook-funded Oculus Rift headset  or the HTC/Valve produced Vive headset. Playstation executive Shuhei Yoshida has outlined plans for a software update to the Playstation 4 that will allow it to render games at 120fps as well as calling the current version of the Morpheus (now also boasting a 5.7inch screen and quick release buttons) ‘near final’ – expect it to still cost a small fortune.



Headline Of The Week

It’s been a busy and for the first time in quite a long while, positive, week for fans of Final Fantasy. Alongside a gorgeous trailer of Final Fantasy XV released at the Tokyo Games Show and the announcement that Hajime Tabata is to replace Tetsuya Nomura as director on the game (a game which one should remember has now been in development for eight years), Square Enix have launched a cloud based gaming system called Shinra Technologies – which fans of the much loved seventh game in the series will be able to appreciate.

Headed up by former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada, Shinra promises cloud gaming and giant cannons for all...
Headed up by former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada, Shinra promises cloud gaming and giant cannons for all…

Avalanche Studios (the developers of Just Cause) and Ubisoft have already pledged their support to the system, which aims to utilize enormous CPU and GPU databanks for highly ambitious projects and will enter beta testing in the US and Japan in early 2015.

Finally, Final Fantasy XIII, along with its sequels XIII-2 and Lightning Returns, are heading to Steam. The first game will go on sale on October 9th, with the sequels following in Spring 2015. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 15TH – 21ST SEPTEMBER


Headline Of The Week

If you remember, around the dawn of the new year I reported on how a chap from America called Michael Thomasson claimed the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest game collection, with over 10,607 titles on show. Well the record now belongs to someone else – because he has sold it all for a whopping $750,020.

While the opening bid was just $1 thereby allowing anyone in on the grand prize, the bidding war soon devolved into a two horse race between two anonymous users, before ending almost a week later (the entire roll of bids, along with pictures of the sheer size of the collection can be seen on the bidding page). If you ask me, I’d say even at three-quarters of a million dollars, that’s a pretty good deal given the rarity of some of the games included.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the whole affair is that this is the third time that Thomasson has sold off his collection, and he is looking to start it all up once again. Credit to the guy for perseverance – my collection over 23 years is barely less than 1% of his old one! Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 16TH – 22ND JUNE