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LittleBigPlanet Karting Confirmed, Skylanders To Get A Sequel & Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tops The UK Sales Charts

The clock has just hit 12:30 here, and I am currently sitting bored of dissertation work in a library. Time to get some news rounded up:

  • It’s surprising how quickly rumours can be confirmed nowadays – what was mere speculation hours ago has been confirmed as a legitimate project in the form of LittleBigPlanet Karting. Concrete details at the moment are pretty sparse, but it seems like it will be a PS3 only title under the helm of United Front Games (the minds behind ModNation Racing, another PS3 exclusive), and that their may be a Move-compatible wheel being made as well. As much as I don’t wish to be sceptical, it seems like a quick cash in: Mario Kart is undoubtedly the king of the genre, and slapping a karting label on a popular exclusive franchise such as LittleBigPlanet seems a bit lazy. It also disappoints me as it may well mean Naughty Dog will not give us UnKarted….
Nathan Drake in a kart...it would make sense given Naughty Dog's rigid (and bloody good) history of games
  • And in other PS3 news, I’m afraid that PSN is dead….but don’t despair, as the service is simply being renamed as SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) under a new firmware update for the console. Version 4.10 will also look to increase the speed of the internet browser facility that the PS3 offers.
  • Credit where credit is due – Activision sure know how to print money. They’ve done it on multiple occasions with the Call Of Duty and Guitar Hero franchises, and now it seems we have another cash cow to add to their collection in the form of the Skylander’s series. The toy/game hybrid which involves you buying real life character models to put into the game has been ridiculously successful and all but killed off Spyro The Dragon as a credible character (for which I will NEVER forgive Activision), and there’s now a sequel – Skylander’s Giants. The game will introduce eight new characters and feature forwards compatibility with the characters from the first game. Cool. If you want a proper Spyro game may I recommend the gold old days of Spyro 2 and Spyro 3?
  • FIFA 12’s reign of terror (or if you are a FIFA fan like me, reign of awesomeness) at the top of the UK Sales Chart is over. The footballing juggernaut has finally been displaced by Final Fantasy XIII-2 which debuted in the charts at the number one spot. The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection also debuted strongly at number two, while Soul Calibur V debuted at a disappointing number five. The rest of the top 10 is made up of the usual suspects, including Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 and Assassins Creed: Revelations.
  • The long awaited 1.4 patch of Skyrim is finally out for PC owners, and will be hitting Xbox Live today as well. Agonisingly for PS3 owners, the release date for that system has not yet been announced – and that’s the one that people will scrutinise as Bethesda have promised in earnest that it will remove the lag problem that has made the game unplayable for many PS3 owners. As for me, I’ll be able to enjoy finally being able to put weapons onto racks again on the Xbox 360 version.
  • Finally, a quick roundup of the titles that have come on sale this week. On the retail front, you can pick up The Darkness 2 & Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning for Xbox 360 and PS3, while the Jak & Daxter HD Collection is a PS3 exclusive. On the handheld front, Resident Evil Revelations has been released for the 3DS, and on the digital front you can pick up The Simpsons Arcade Game, Shank 2 and Gotham City Impostors.

That’s all the news for this week; before I go I would just like to point you in the direction of my Best Video Game Music series that I am slowly adding to, and towards the link for a weekly podcast I am doing with a good friend of mine, Callum Loughlin. Its free, so why not give it a listen? Otherwise, I wish you all good day.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Achievements Revealed

The game might be delayed until February 2012, but that hasn’t stopped someone leaking the achievements/trophies for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Strangely although you get MGS2, MGS3 and MGS Peace Walker in the same package, Peace Walker has its own list separate to the two PS2 titles – who am I to complain? Overall, it’s a pretty good list, mixing standard progression awards in with the boss battles you encounter during the games. I had to highlight this list however for some of the stuff you will get rewarded for in MGS3 – there’s an achievement for taking out The End early (one of the best Easter Eggs in gaming), and a hilarious one for causing a time paradox with Ocelot – veterans of the game should know how to trigger this one.

Check out the full lists for both the HD Collection and Peace Walker via the following links (courtesy of the ever useful Xbox360Achievements.org)

MGS2 & MGS3 Achievement/Trophy List

MGS Peace Walker Achievement/Trophy List

P.S. In what has been a glorious day for game spoilers, someone managed to acquire the opening 20 minutes of Skyrim and put it on Youtube earlier. If you want to spoil the opening of the biggest game of the year, have a look around – Zenimax have been taking down most of the links due to copyright.

GTA 5 Is Officially Announced, Nintendo Make Huge Losses & Metal Gear HD Collection Gets Delayed

Just a quick update this week on three bit of news to come out of the industry:

  • All the evidence in the world pointed to it, and earlier this week we got a crystal clear confirmation – Grand Theft Auto 5 is indeed real and will be coming out sometime in the future. Given the gigantic success of the franchise since its jump to the world of 3D environments in 2001, and in particular the critical acclaim of GTA 4 in 2008, you would have thought this would be a no-brainer for Rockstar Games, but they are famously good at keeping their cards close to their chest. All eyes will be on the Rockstar website on November 2nd, as this is when we will get out first glimpse of GTA 5 in the form of an official trailer. In the meantime, all we can do is twiddle out thumbs and observe the only picture of the game released – and it’s the logo. The dollar wrapped around the Roman Numeral gives a bit of weight to the theory that for this instalment, Rockstar may make the jump to the real world and focus on the current economic climate, maybe in Los Angeles. I for one am horrified at the idea; Grand Theft Auto has always been at its peak by offering ridiculous action and a scathing commentary on real life. Also, please please please don’t do Liberty City again – give me more Vice City and ill slap my money down right now for a copy.
What does that green and ribbon mean - a political campaign perhaps?
  • It’s all looking a bit gloomy for Nintendo at the moment – a year marked by a highly disappointing sales for the 3DS, a lack of big hitting titles for the Wii and DS and early scepticism towards the Wii U have all come together to give the Big N a first half loss of a staggering 70.2 BILLION Yen (that’s £578 million for us English folk). Nintendo haven’t made a annual loss in profits for over 30 years now, and it really would be a sign of the economic times if the biggest name in gaming were to hit a downturn as catastrophic as this come April 2012 (Christmas will boost profits, but I doubt it will cover such a huge initial loss).
  • And finally in another sad bit of news, another game has found itself displaced from the November release schedule – the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection which will now be released on the 3rd February 2012. Logic would dictate that either Konami don’t fancy their chances against the other big hitters in November and have made the decision to bail out, or the game simply wasn’t ready yet. Still it might prove to be a crafty bit of business – at the moment, the only other major challenge in February is from Final Fantasy XIII-2, so it might be able to mop up on those gamers who are burnt out over Christmas.

Cheers for the continued support of the blog, and if anyone is going to the MCM Expo in London tomorrow I hope you have a great time – I can’t go to this one unfortunately due to work constraints (and I’m skint as well – typical student).