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E3 2011: Summary Of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft And Sony’s Conferences

Monday 6th June 2011 marked the start of the biggest gaming event of the year, where the games industry descended on Los Angeles for E3 2011. Four conferences went ahead yesterday, from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony. Below, is my coverage of the event, and my opinions on the stuff that came up. Strap yourself in, there’s a lot to cover here. Continue reading E3 2011: Summary Of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft And Sony’s Conferences

Space, Guns, Romance And Elevators – Mass Effect Review


Shepard leads the galaxy against the evil Saren

As a fan of the Star Wars universe, it follows on that I have a great deal of respect for Bioware. In 2003 they gave the world Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, one of the most highly acclaimed games of the decade, and they are currently working on a new MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Both of these games give ample room to expand the canon of the Star Wars universe, and it was handled very well. When Bioware revealed that they were going to have their own crack at a space opera, fans became very excited. The result of this was Mass Effect, a game released in 2007 on the Xbox 360 only. Using some of the dynamics from Knights Of The Old Republic (such as having full control of one character and issuing orders to team-mates) and blending it with a original storyline, Bioware created a game that received very good reviews. I picked it up for £10 when I got my Xbox a year after the game’s release, and after going through Gears Of War I decided to give it a go to see if the reviews were justified. Continue reading Space, Guns, Romance And Elevators – Mass Effect Review

Bioware Delay Mass Effect 3 & EA Release FIFA 12 Details

With so many great titles all scheduled to come out in one burst at the end of the year, I think it was inevitable that one or two would get pushed back for marketing reasons. However, I really didn’t expect that Mass Effect 3 would be one of them. And yet in the last few days, alongside some new screenshots of the game, Bioware have announced that the RPG title is being pushed back to the first three months of 2012 (Mass Effect 2 was released early on in 2010). Added to this is the news that Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO also made by Bioware, is to be pushed back to 2012 as well, having already been delayed three times. Now I can only assume there are two reasons for the delays; either they do not want to actively compete in the Christmas market against so many other big titles (Gears Of War 3, Battlefield 3, the next Call Of Duty and of course The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim), or they simply haven’t made the game properly yet. Given Bioware’s excellent track record of games, I would hate to think that it is the latter; whatever the case its now going to take a bit longer for gamers to complete the adventures of Shepard. I don’t mind, it gives me more time with Skyrim if anything.

Shepard fighting Cerberus will be an integral part of the story (taken from CVG.com)

More details have also been announced about FIFA 12 by the Official Xbox Magazine. The headline news is that the engine from FIFA 11 has been thrown out the window and replaced with a new, much tighter engine. A key feature of this is the new impact dynamics; where players will now react to tackles depending on whereabouts they are being tackled from. Players will also adapt to the pitch much more so then before by the way of a new ‘Pro Player Intelligence’ system which highlights the attributes of key players and ensures that players stay where their skills are best used: for example, a beanpole like Peter Crouch will hang around the area looking for crosses, whereas someone who can hit the ball from range like Lampard or Scholes will hover around the edge of the area. Tackling has also been changed so that holding down the A button no longer causes a player to home in and tackle, and the enhanced dribbling dynamic will also see an overhaul. It all sound rather intriguing; the new elements of FIFA 11 were relatively well implemented, so I would hope for more good work from EA. There has been no word on Career Mode or online matches/pro clubs, and until then I will be sceptical about paying £30 odd for an update. I’ll keep my eyes open for more details as they arrive.

Finally, Harmonix have announced today that we should not expect a Rock Band 4 any time soon. The company has said that they intend to keep supporting the vast DLC market for the game, which recently surpassed 100 million song downloads. Considering the recent demise of Activision’s ‘Hero’ franchises, this does not strike me as a surprising move, but its good to see that the DLC service will continue to provide songs for people to play.

That’s all for now, comments and subscriptions are welcomed, and ill be posting again in the near future.