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Do You Remember When Mario Punched Link Off The Corneria? – Super Smash Brothers Review


I wonder how well it would have sold without Mario....

There are rumours flying about at the moment that Sony is looking to collect its very best characters from first party IP’s and put them all together in a fighting game. Potentially, it could be a very good title – but the thing that amuses me is that while fans argue about the validity of putting certain characters in, I wonder why it has taken Sony so long to emulate a game that Nintendo got organised more than a decade ago, in the form of the original Super Smash Brothers. Considering the enormous success of the franchise, in particular the sequels Melee and Brawl which regularly top lists of people’s favourite multiplayer games, it seems strange that the idea of putting your very best mascots into a fighting game was a foreign concept in 1999. People generally looked towards the established names of the genre (like Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat) if they wanted a good bout of fisticuffs, but the lure of being able to kick the crap out of Pikachu as Mario soon drew in the punters. 4.3 million sales later, and Nintendo’s little gamble (it was only ever intended to be released in Japan) gave us one of the best multiplayer games of the fifth generation. Continue reading Do You Remember When Mario Punched Link Off The Corneria? – Super Smash Brothers Review

All Hail King Conker – Conker’s Bad Fur Day Review


Conkers’ Bad Fur Day is a very rare game in several respects. First of all, it was the last game made by Rare (a tenuous link I know) for a Nintendo console for quite some time, before Microsoft bough the studio in 2002. Second; it is rare in the respect that it was one of only two games to have an enhanced 64MB cartridge for the N64, the other game being Resident Evil 2. Third, it’s a rare game: if you want an original copy you could be looking in excess of £50 for the privilege. Finally though, and most importantly, it’s a rare game in the sense that it manages to be hilariously funny and crude in a way that not many games since, the Grand Theft Auto series included, have ever come close to being.

Conker himself made his debut in a rather low-key role as a character available to race with in Diddy Kong Racing, another Rare title. This game was in production for four years and was meant to be a cutesy platformer (following on from the success of Rare’s Super Mario 64 clone, Banjo Kazooie), but at the last moment Rare decided to go back to the drawing board and in the end produced a cutesy platformer…albeit now with swearing, gore, drunken behaviour and adult themes thrown into the mix. Many adults bought this game for their children to play and were greatly shocked methinks when they saw the content on display; despite it saying on the box and the loading screens that this was a mature title and not meant for children (a rarity in itself for the family friendly N64). The game sold poorly on release due to Nintendo not advertising it properly, and as a result it was passed over by many. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it now, because behind the profanity and blood lies one of the N64’s great titles. Continue reading All Hail King Conker – Conker’s Bad Fur Day Review

IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis

And so here we are: IGN has completed its countdown of what it feels to be the Top 100 ‘Modern Games’. If you don’t feel like clicking through one hundred different screens, I have saved you the trouble by compiling the results into this list along with information on the games release and developers. Be aware that this list as a result will contain massive spoilers: you have been warned. If you want the original format then go to IGN’s site here, otherwise without further ado, from 100 down to number 1, here is the list: Continue reading IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis

E3 2011: Nintendo Announce The Wii U, More 3DS Games & Zelda Anniversary Details

After a solid, if unspectacular, first day of E3, it was left to Nintendo today to occupy the lone conference spot. We expected a reveal of their new console, and we got it, along with a few more surprises. Below is my view and opinions on the conference as a whole. Continue reading E3 2011: Nintendo Announce The Wii U, More 3DS Games & Zelda Anniversary Details

The Game That Sold The SNES – Super Mario World Review


To infinity...and beyond!!!

Super Mario World is a timeless classic. I thought I’d just throw that out there right now. Bundled in with the SNES, it represented everything that was good about the new 16-bit era of console gaming, and continued the trend of Shigeru Miyamoto for designing gems of gaming (having of course already given the world Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3). It also helped Nintendo strike a vital first blow in the 16 bit war with Sega (although Sonic The Hedgehog’s release in 1991 was a considerable counter-punch), and so it certainly warrants our attention even today. Continue reading The Game That Sold The SNES – Super Mario World Review

Top Ten…Mario Games That Are Not Platformers

Since 1986, Mario has been jumping around on our televisions screens, and his appeal if nothing else has grown stronger than ever. The platformers with which the franchise made its name are legendary and considered by many to be the best games of all time. At some points in his history however, Mario got bored of rescuing Princess Peach and decided to do something different with his time. The result was a impressive collection of spin off games, covering sports, education and more. These titles sometimes get unfairly forgotten given the prestige of the platformers, so this list is intended to give some exposure and display my personal favourite Mario spin-offs. The general rule of thumb for the list was this; in order to feature, you must be able to play as Mario at some point. This means games from the likes of the Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Wario series’ will not get a word on this list; I would recommend looking into those titles however. Continue reading Top Ten…Mario Games That Are Not Platformers

Top Ten…Levels In Gaming

Sometimes when you play a game, you have to stand back and just simply admire the game world that you are playing in. It can be a variety of things that can trigger this off; an epic vista, a serious confrontation, a challenging enviorment, a funny situation, a serious situation etc. The point remains: some locations in games simply get lodged in our heads and we never forget them.

My purpose in writing this list is to share an insight into the sorts of gaming locations that have had an effect on me and become great favourites of mine. This list is not ranked as some of my others have been; quite frankly I would find it difficult to rank these memories on merit, and so they are simply listed in the order they came to my head. I also admit that the title of the article is a bit loose; some of the locations mentioned aren’t ‘levels’ in the platforming sense of the word, but I couldn’t think of a better term so it will do. And so without further ado; my favourite levels/places/locations in my gaming history. Continue reading Top Ten…Levels In Gaming

Nintendo Announce New Console To Replace The Wii

Rumours are plentiful in the games industry, but every now and again a rumour will come up that has so much momentum attached to it that it cannot possibly be ignored. In the last few days, rumours of Nintendo announcing a new console at E3, possibly a new iteration of the Wii, have been spreading like wildfire (also with the recent announcement that the Wii may be getting a significant price drop come May 15th, it implies that Nintendo are looking to move on).

It has been dominant this generation - Will Nintendo really throw away all gimmicks?

Details are sketchy at the moment to say the least, but sources close to Game Informer and IGN have given differing reports, claiming that the console will be capable of running games in HD, and that it will be ‘significantly more powerful than the Playstation3’, while also offering backwards compatibility. It also seems to be the case that Nintendo is already giving details of the new console to third party producers, so they know what they can do this time around (when the Wii was announced in 2005, it came as a shock to everyone). The bottom line from all of this is that Nintendo is looking to break away from the casual market, and try to regroup the ‘hardcore’ market that Microsoft has dominated with the Xbox 360 over the past few years. Continue reading Nintendo Announce New Console To Replace The Wii