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The Best Karting Game – Crash Team Racing Review


I’ll make no excuses; Crash Team Racing is a Mario Kart 64 clone, pure and simple. When the Italian plumber took his karts to the Nintendo 64 in 1997, it set the bar for everything else, and most of the efforts from developers in the two years afterwards (with the notable exception of Diddy Kong Racing) neatly smashed into it. Crash Team Racing differed from all of the other imitators however, and I personally feel that it did the unthinkable and actually surpassed Mario Kart 64, despite borrowing so heavily from it. Now I am aware of the heavy bias I carry into this review (being a massive Crash fan and all), but keep reading and you will hopefully realise why the marsupial fits the kart better than his moustachioed rival. Continue reading The Best Karting Game – Crash Team Racing Review