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13th Season Syndrome? – FIFA 13 Review

FIFA 13 (2012) – EA Canada

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To the casual eye, FIFA 13 is same old same old; to the extent by which I could probably copy and paste my FIFA 12 review and get away with it. Fans of the series will know however that it’s the subtle changes that make FIFA a different experience each year. The last installment was one of the most vigorous changes of the series yet, with the implementation of a whole new defending system and new player physics. FIFA 13 has brought a whole host of new tweaks to the engine this year to ensure that it remains ahead of Pro Evolution Soccer, but it is noticeable that the gap between the two series, which was a vast gaping chasm only two years ago, has shrunk dramatically. After a quite lengthy amount of time playing FIFA 13, I get the feeling that for the first time in years, the series has taken a step back. Continue reading 13th Season Syndrome? – FIFA 13 Review

FIFA 13 Demo Review

When I opened the curtains this morning, it was a grey and dull September morning that welcomed me. All the more excuse then to stay inside and pop onto Xbox Live to download the demo for the latest iteration of the most popular football franchise in the world, FIFA 13. It was released yesterday alongside a demo for F1 2012 (a quick word on that later) so chances are you have already played it a fair bit, but for those without the time to test it out yet this is a quick review of what’s going on with this years premium ball kicking simulation. Continue reading FIFA 13 Demo Review