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3DS Ambassador Games Available For Download Now, Deus Ex Reigns Supreme In The Sales Chart & Team Bondi Go Into Administration

It’s news roundup time everybody!

  • This week marks the moment when all of you who rushed off to buy a 3DS at full price get rewarded with your 10 free NES Ambassador Games. The full list is as follows:
-Open Tournament Golf
-Wrecking Crew
-Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
-Super Mario Bros.
-Donkey Kong Jr.
-Balloon Fight
-Ice Climbers
-The Legend of Zelda

A mix of some well known titles and some less recognisable ones there. From what I’ve read around the internet, it seems that actually finding the games on the 3DS eShop is a pain, and that the games have been quite poorly ported. Remember Ambassadors, when the games become available for everyone else with a 3DS (at a price of course), you can re-download the games with updated features like restore points.

  • Zumba Fitness’ reign of terror at the top of the sales chart is over! The new king of the UK charts is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the action RPG developed by Eidos which has had some outstanding reviews from the Press. Just for the record, Zumba Fitness was number one for 10 whole weeks, meaning it fell just short of the undisputed record held by FIFA: Road To The World Cup. Also, Deus Ex sold 2 to 1 on the Xbox 360 compared to the PS3.
  • In a very surprising turn of events, Team Bondi, the developers behind LA Noire, have gone into administration. It has been suggested that they have had a fall-out with publishers Rockstar Games, but where on earth is all the profit that LA Noire made then? Bizzare….and very sad to see another studio threatened with closure.
  • And speaking of Rockstar, they have announced the release date for the free ‘Myths And Mavericks’ DLC for Red Dead Redemption that I posted about a while back. It will be on September 13th and will add amongst other things new locations for multiplayer modes and Landon Ricketts as a multiplayer skin.
  • For those of you who already own Dead Rising 2 and think that Dead Rising: Off The Record is just a lazy rehash on Capcom’s behalf may have new reason to buy it. This week Capcom announced that a ‘Sandbox’ mode, with no time limits, will be implemented into Off The Record, allowing the unlimited zombie killing spree that I’m sure many fans have requested since the original Dead Rising. Good stuff.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer has a new player to grace its covers, and that man is Cristiano Ronaldo, who replaces Lionel Messi. Not really news is it? I suppose that kind of reflects PES in microcosm – no-one really cares anymore.

I’ll be posting my next review, Gears Of War, sometime over the weekend. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

LA Noire Tops The Charts & More FIFA 12 Details Leaked

I must say that I am feeling pretty good at the moment. My university course has ended for the year, and I managed to survive the Rapture. All of this means that I have managed to spend a bit more time looking at some of the news in the games industry recently. It has been comparatively slow (I get the feeling everyone is waiting for E3 for announcements), but two bits of news have been of interest to me.

The first piece of news regards LA Noire. I wondered in my last news post whether or not it would have what it takes to be one of the games of the year, and it seems Rockstar’s relentless advertising push, combined with some excellent reviews, have done the trick. It topped the All Formats, Xbox 360 and PS3 charts this week (beating outing the likes of Brink and Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean), and has been touted as the fastest selling new IP ever, certainly since Red Dead Redemption a year ago. Initial reports claim that about 900,000 copies were sold in the Americas in the space of five days, and 250,000 in the UK in roughly two days, with 55% of sales being the 360 version. Very impressive sales figures indeed.

They presented it, and it has been welcomed with open arms

The second bit of news to discuss is the recent leak of FIFA 12 details, in the form of screenshots and a video. The pictures are nothing special, doing the traditional ‘show a player controlling the ball at close range’ thing, but the video, which you can access here, displays a few of the new features, including a much more realistic system of defending where players actually contain the opposition rather than charging straight at them, and a few new examples of the collision system in action, with players flying off at all angles depending on the tackles. Some a bit more official from EA would be welcomed, but at the moment it looks to be coming along swimmingly.

To quote a good friend 'NEWSFLASH - ITS FOOTBALL' (taken from CVG.com)

Well that’s your lot for today, have a look around my blog for more reviews and features, and I’ll catch you all later.

UPDATE: It seems that EA has claimed copyright on that video, I apologise but there is nothing that I can do about it as it was an external Youtube video. I will leave the hyperlink in case it becomes available again

Soul Calibur 5 Announced, LA Noire Hits Shops Soon And More Kinect Titles Promised

This week has featured some interesting developments in the game world. A handful of new games have been announced before E3, the next big title of the year is now only a week or so away from being released, and Microsoft have suddenly remembered about the lack of games for its latest peripheral.

So let’s start with those new games that have been announced. The first to note is that Soul Calibur 5 will be coming your way soon. Namco have said that the game is set 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur 4, and that its story will take place throughout history. They have also promised a refined battle system with a continuation of the 8 way running mechanic (to allow full 3D movement), a better online mode, more customisation and characters from other franchises (like Link in SC2 and Yoda/Darth Vader in SC4). It is set for release in 2012, and you can see the teaser trailer here. Continue reading Soul Calibur 5 Announced, LA Noire Hits Shops Soon And More Kinect Titles Promised