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Chop, Kick, It’s All In The Blade – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review


Note to self - do not piss off an angry Raiden
Note to self – do not piss off an angry Raiden

Here’s a dilemma for y’all to figure out: how do you create a new protagonist following in the footsteps of one of the most popular video game characters ever made and get people to like them? That was the scenario that Hideo Kojima faced when it was decided that Raiden should be the main playable character of MGS2 instead of Snake; fans were dismayed that they saw Snake relegated to a secondary character and Raiden took his fair share of abuse from critics. Kojima decided to rectify the situation in typically dramatic fashion; for by the time of MGS4 Raiden had become a badass cyber ninja able to stop a warship with one arm.

In quite a departure from traditional Metal Gear style of gameplay, Metal Gear Rising: Reveangence lets you step into the new and improved Raiden’s pointy cyber shoes for an OTT blend of swordplay and combat action; and the slick thrills it delivers as a result makes it arguably one of the best games of 2013. Continue reading Chop, Kick, It’s All In The Blade – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

Old Man Snake Still Has The Moves – Metal Gear Solid 4 Review


This old man will still kick your ass given the chance
This old man will still kick your ass given the chance

Five years after its initial release, Metal Gear Solid 4 remains one of the crowning glories of what the PS3 is capable of. It is however one of those titles which sadly, due to the personal lack of a PS3, has passed me by for several years. Happily, a friend of mine invited me to play the game over a series of weekends at the end of last year so I could see exactly what I’ve missed. The result was quite the experience, but even now as I write this review I can’t decide on what description best represents Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece – is it one of the most ambitious games ever made, or is it a Hollywood film with occasional player interaction? Continue reading Old Man Snake Still Has The Moves – Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes & MGS Film Announced At 25th Anniversary Event

Today, Konami threw a big event in Japan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear franchise, and a few surprises were in store for those lucky enough to be in attendance. Not only will the next game in the series be an open world adventure, but Metal Gear Solid will also be getting a film, to be overseen by Columbia Pictures.

First of all, the game. Details are pretty scarce at the moment because Konami have slapped an embargo over reporting the game for the moment, but here’s what we know: the game will be called Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, will feature Big Boss as the protagonist, and will have real time cut-scenes powered by Team Kojima’s ‘Fox Engine’. An teaser image for the game was also released on Japanese gaming site Famitsu, which is conveniently  pasted below for your visual enjoyment.

Big Boss appears to have stolen Sam Fisher’s signature goggles…

The other piece of news will no doubt have fans of the series split; Metal Gear Solid is famous for being impossibly cinematic, and one wonders if Avi Arad (the man at the helm of the project who has also overseen several Marvel films over the years with a good deal of success) can orchestrate a big screen version which can match the vision Kojima has set out in his games. All sorts of names are being thrown about for involvement in the film, so nothing is set in stone yet. Expect a release date in the latter part of this decade.

It’s all happening for Metal Gear fans then, following the announcement that ninja cyborg Raiden will be a playable character in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. More news as and when it inevitably gets leaked from the event.

In Soviet Russia, Snake Eats You – Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Review


As a basic premise, Metal Gear Solid 3 should not work. The idea of taking a series that is known for its futuristic war based storyline and plonking it in the middle of the 1960’s was ludicrous. But never count out Hideo Kojima, the genius behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, to make a game that blows everyone’s expectations out of the water. MGS3 (which confusingly is the first game in the entire Metal Gear chronology) is not just a great game in the MGS series, but it also stands as one of the very best experiences you can have on the PS2.

The original game came out in 2004, but the version that I am reviewing is the Subsistence version, a special edition version that came out later featuring the full game, bonus content, online multiplayer which was absent in the original, and a 3 hour DVD showing all the cutscenes in a movie like format.

One of the strange things about MGS3 is that by putting it in the past and basing it around real events, it made the story surprisingly believable and incredibly engaging…providing you were fine with a sledgehammer being taken to your prior knowledge of History. The game takes place at the height of the Cold War between Russia and the USA, just after the Cuban Missile Crisis. As the game starts, you take the role of Naked Snake, a member of the Fox Unit, who is sneaked into Soviet territory to retrieve Sokolov, a Russian nuclear scientist who was secretly traded by the US back to Russia as part of the terms of Russia pulling out of Cuba. Backed up by an support team, including Snake’s mentor, the legendary solider The Boss, you sneak through a jungle environment,  and Snake eventually manages to find Sokolov. After surviving an ambush by the Ocelot unit (headed by a young Revolver Ocelot), Snake takes Sokolov to the extraction point. Upon getting there however, Snake finds The Boss waiting for him, where she reveals she is defecting to theSoviet Union and supporting General Volgin, an extreme rebel leader who wishes to displace Krushchev as the premier of Russia. After engaging Snake in close quarters combat, The Boss throws Snake off a bridge and leaves him for dead. Volgin then explodes a miniature nuke in the heart of the jungle, placing the blame on the Boss and putting the world on the brink of nuclear war again. Snake is retrieved by Fox Unit, and upon arriving back in America is told that he and the Unit will be given a chance to redeem their actions; but only if Snake infiltrates enemy territory, stops the Shagohod (a giant walking nuclear tank that Sokolov was working on), and kills The Boss. The mission is called Operation Snake Eater…

And that’s just the introduction to the main game. Continue reading In Soviet Russia, Snake Eats You – Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Review

E3 2011: Konami Presentation Roundup And Early News

There’s still two days or so until E3 kicks off with Microsoft’s press conference, but it seems that game developers across the globe have got impatient waiting, and the result is that over the last two days we have had a flood of news about new games. In this article I will try to cover as much of the headline news as possible. Continue reading E3 2011: Konami Presentation Roundup And Early News