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Headline Of The Week

This week saw the unexpected delay of one of the most eagerly anticipated titles of the Winter period and a key launch title for the PS4 & Xbox One, as Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs has been set back from its initial launch date of November 19th to early 2014. In a blog post, Ubisoft said:

“Our ambition from the start with Watch Dogs has been to deliver something that embodies what we wanted to see in the next-generation of gaming…it is with this in mind that we’ve made the tough decision to delay the release until Spring 2014.”

The statement also confirmed that open-world racer The Crew (which I recently got hands on with at Eurogamer) would be delayed as well. The company have said that customers who have preordered next-gen consoles bundled with Watch Dogs will be able to swap the title for another game.

It’s a real shame, because both games were things that I was really looking forward to that might have convinced me to buy into the next generation early. Oh well, back to the Steam backlog I go…

It doesn't matter which one you want; you won't be playing it this year
It doesn’t matter which one you want; you won’t be playing it this year

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E3 2013 – Coverage Of The Conferences

Well what a change in fortunes – E3 this year has been nothing short of excellent to watch. Whereas the past few conferences have been relatively staid, cautious and sometimes very awkward affairs, 2013 has seen E3 return to what it should be – a true gamers conference. Badly choreographed on stage segments are now seemingly a thing of the past, and while a lot of the content on show was pre-rendered footage rather than actual gameplay, the games themselves came thick and fast with plenty of new and fresh ideas in the mix. Also, with the PS4 and the Xbox One going up against each other head-to-head for the first time, we could anticipate that something special was going to be in the works.

The following report is not a completely in depth take on events (check your friendly neighbourhood gaming website for an intricate breakdown of what happened), but rather the things that I personally took away from the best E3 conference in years. Continue reading E3 2013 – Coverage Of The Conferences

EA Buys Popcap Games, First FIFA 12 Career Mode Details & Kingdom Hearts 3 News

While we find ourselves deep within the summer lull of the games industry, where pretty much nothing gets released and Zumba Fitness gets to rule the roost as a result, there have been some quite interesting developments over the last two days or so. As ever, this is my quick roundup of all the big news.

Top billing for this week has to go to EA. Yesterday they announced the purchase of Popcap Games, the studio behind the massively successful Peggle & Plants And Zombies, for an eye watering amount of $750 million. This comes as part of EA’s drive to regain its mantle as the biggest games company in the world, following on from their acquisition of Bioware, the creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, for $860 million four years ago. However, one has to look at this deal and think that EA may have paid a bit too much; Popcap have admittedly tapped into everyone’s love for puzzle games and reaped success, but is a casual games company worth such a high investment? It seems others aren’t happy as well; EA’s stock experienced a small drop in the aftermath of the news breaking, and the internet has exploded with the usual ‘EA are killing originality’ and ‘screw you Popcap for selling out’ comments. On a personal note, I wish Popcap a good future working with EA, because I love Peggle. Simple as that. Continue reading EA Buys Popcap Games, First FIFA 12 Career Mode Details & Kingdom Hearts 3 News