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VGA Awards Airs Tonight & Official Nintendo Magazine Votes For The Best Wii Game Ever

Yesterday marked the point where I finished all my work for this semester…and you know what that means right? Plenty of free time until January to play games of course! Today I will be marking the great occasion with a quick roundup of important news from the past week. So as usual, prepare for the bullet points:

  • This weekend marks the start of the annual VGA awards hosted by Spike TV. It’s normally a pretty big event – for example, the likes of Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim got their first outings there last year. So what have we got to look forward to for this year? Well, Bioware and Epic Games are looking to announce new titles, Hideo Kojima is poised to give more information on the long awaited Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and we will learn more on the likes of the next Tony Hawk title, Mass Effect 3 and Bioshock Infinite amongst other things. Well worth watching then; coverage starts in the morning at 1pm in Britain
  • After a slight delay, Microsoft managed to roll out the latest Xbox dashboard earlier this week. Designed with Kinect integration in mind, it has received mixed reviews, with more than a fair share of consumers (myself included) complaining that it has become far too dominated by adverts and much more awkward to navigate – for example, why on earth would you swap the disc eject button from X to Y? Completely pointless. And we have to wait even longer in Britain before you get the good stuff like Youtube and the BBC Iplayer. At least it works I suppose.
  • The Wii is five years old this Christmas, and to celebrate (and no doubt increase the exposure of the console for its last Christmas as Nintendo’s premier console), the Official Nintendo Magazine has published a Top Ten List of the best games on the Wii, as voted for by readers of the magazine. It’s a pretty damn strong list, with a winner that you perhaps wouldn’t expect – click here for the full list. And in a week where lists have been popping up all over the place, IGN has produced another intriguing Top 100 list – the best moments in video games, which you can check out here.
  • A few eagerly anticipated Japanese games now have confirmed release dates for Europe – Deep Silver’s simulation cum puzzler Catherine will finally arrive on February 10th, while the last of the games requested by Operation Rainfall earlier this year, Mistwalker’s The Last Story, will arrive a bit later on February 24th.
  • Finally, if you are one of these trendy types who prefer Apple products, you can now purchase the legendary Chrono Trigger off of ITunes. Well worth a tenner methinks

That’s my take of some of the more interesting stories of the week. Aside from the news, I have had quite an interesting week. For example, I bought a pre-owned DS with Pokemon White the other day, making it my first Nintendo console that I have actually bought rather than been given, and meaning that after many years away from the franchise, I have finally got back into Pokemon. I’m not finding the game to have the same thrill as Red & Blue gave me over a decade ago, but its not a bad game nevertheless. I have also started up again in Skyrim, this time playing through as a Dark Elf. I might actually get round to completing more than 30% of the plot before getting distracted this time around. And as a fan of Japanese animation, I am looking forward to the upcoming fortnight of Studio Ghibli films being shown on Film 4. This Christmas period is shaping up quite nicely.

Hope you have a good week ahead of you all.

IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis

And so here we are: IGN has completed its countdown of what it feels to be the Top 100 ‘Modern Games’. If you don’t feel like clicking through one hundred different screens, I have saved you the trouble by compiling the results into this list along with information on the games release and developers. Be aware that this list as a result will contain massive spoilers: you have been warned. If you want the original format then go to IGN’s site here, otherwise without further ado, from 100 down to number 1, here is the list: Continue reading IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis

IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: Initial Thoughts

If you have regularly followed my blog, then you will know that I am a sucker for Top Ten Lists; for me they represent an easy and quantifiable way to get an opinion on a matter across, and I’ve covered a few subjects of the gaming world in my lists. IGN on the other hand, always go a few stages better than me. Ten times to be precise, by doing Top 100 lists, and on Monday they will be publishing a new list of what they see to be the Top 100 Modern Games, using the introduction of the Xbox 360 and the seventh generation of consoles as the cut off point for ‘modern gaming’.

Now I find this to be an intriguing concept for a list; the narrower you make the criteria, the more contentious some decisions can be, and given the outstanding quality of the games that we have been given over the past 6 years, I would expect there to be some fierce debate especially over the top positions. It must be said that IGN do have favourites, and there are some games I readily expect to be snaffling up the top ten positions, including the likes of Mass Effect 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy 2. On Monday I will be posting the results of IGN’s list on my blog and doing a personal analysis of it, and who knows by the end of the day I may have been able to form my own opinions on what I feel to be the best modern games. In the meantime, why not check out my recent analysis of Sonic’s return to form in Sonic Generations and all my other blog posts, and in any case have a great weekend.

EDIT: The list is now up in full, please click here to view it on my blog.