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Headline Of The Week

Japanese developer Atlus presented a 30 hour stream this week for all things Persona related – and at the end of it all they were kind enough to broadcast a new trailer for Persona 5 – and it’s f***ing glorious!

Early contender for Game Of The Year based purely on a trailer? Almost certainly!



Headline Of The Week

The company responsible for the design of the Xbox 360 controller have been bought by virtual reality developers Oculus. Carbon Design, based out of Seattle in the USA, have reportedly been working with Oculus for over a year on unannounced projects, but it is expected the formal deal will be completed by the time Autumn rolls around for a as of yet unrevealed fee.

Oculus, who are trying to reinvest public enthusiasm into VR with it’s Rift headset, was purchased by social media giant Facebook for a cool $2 billion a couple of months ago and is clearly looking to allocate its new found funds, but have yet to outline plans for a commercial version of its product which has earned a favorable critical opinion after showings at gaming and technology expositions. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 23RD – 29TH JUNE

The Humble Origin Bundle Goes Live

The Humble Bundle service is one of the best things I’ve come across in gaming in the last year or so – its a website which every now and again will organize a collection of great games, usually from indie developers, and ask contributors to pay what they want for them (a minimum payment of $1 or its equivalent is required). The setup of the bundle then allows you to split your payment between the developers, site maintenance or a chosen charity that the bundle is sponsoring – so, gamers get a great deal, and in the process they get to contribute in some small way to good causes.

I myself have picked up some of the more recent bundles; the fifth bundle (considered by many to be the best) contained the likes of Bastion, Limbo, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, while THQ and Telltale Games have also been generous enough to put their games into excellent bundles. This newest bundle, however may well prove to be the most popular yet – its the Humble Origin Bundle!

I would say its worth contributing to just for Burnout Paradise alone
I would say its worth contributing to just for Burnout Paradise alone (image taken from the Humble Bundle website)

Yep, EA are offering some of their best games in a move to support not one, but five different charities. The games on offer are Dead Space, Crysis 2, Mirror’s Edge, Medal Of Honor, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box and Dead Space 3. Pay above the average, and you’ll also get The Sims 3 and Battlefield 3 thrown in for good measure. And if you don’t have Origin installed, then the first five games also come with a key for activation on Steam.

As of writing, with twelve days left to go, the Origin Bundle has already raised over $4 million, a terrific effort by any means. If you want to support charity and get some EA goodness, head to www.humblebundle.com and purchase your bundle now!