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Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory – The History Of Sega Enterprises 1985-2001

A couple of years ago, I had the bright idea to enrol on a Masters degree for Historical Studies at the University Of Lincoln. When it came round to crafting a 20,000 word dissertation that would ultimately decide whether I passed or failed the course, I had an even dafter idea – to write a ‘constructive’ history of Sega; a company whose products I had never purchased as a child growing up with video games. The process was long with weeks and months disappearing in the search of sources and writing the damned thing, but eventually the trials had a happy ending – I passed the course and can say with a sense of pride that becuase of the work I submitted, I have a Masters degree to my name.

I initially wanted to make my dissertation available for anyone to read or use a point of reference as soon as I got the degree, but quite frankly I ended up forgetting all about it for a long time as I started searching for work. Recently I’ve been able to get the document into a PDF format with all of the formatting actually staying in place, so if you want to have a read then it’s yours to browse at will – it is quite a chunky thing at 101 pages and sometimes descends into analytical historical babble, but it should be readable enough. And if you find it interesting, I would reccommend chasing up some of the books and other sources listed at the end; the likes of Kent, Poole and Donovan are very interesting reads for anyone with a interest in gaming history.

P.S I have no issues with the text being used as a reference material, but please do not plagarise any original thoughts or theories that I have put forward

Download the PDF – Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory – The History Of Sega Enterprises 1985 – 2001