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Top Ten…Easter Eggs In Gaming

Every now and again, when a game is being developed those involved in the process like to have a bit of fun, and add items and references that one may not necessarily encounter in a standard playthrough. These hidden things have come to be known as Easter Eggs in games, and often times our pervading memories of a game are the strange things that you can encounter that the developers subtly added to the mix – whether they be humorous, informative or a dig at other developers, its always a rewarding process to find such things. There have been a multitude of Easter Eggs popping up in games over the years, and what better time to celebrate the best of them than Easter – the festival of eating chocolate eggs. Below is my personal top ten favourite Easter Eggs that I have encountered in a game. Continue reading Top Ten…Easter Eggs In Gaming

Bungie Ends Halo Stat Tracking; Reveals Ridiculous Playing Figures And Steaktacular Success

In what is a sad day for all Halo fans and general statistic trackers, Bungie have ended thier quite astonishing stat tracking system for the Halo series. The system started in September 2004, and has tracked over 20,000,000,000 games of online multiplayer…which is simply insane. Below is an inforgraphic released today by Bungie which shows some of the more interesting stats to come out of Halo.

Yeah, you read that correctly - people have played Halo for over 235,000 years. Happy to have contributed Bungie

Stat tracking for the Halo series will still continue via the Waypoint system set up by the new heads of the franchise, 343 Industries. Let’s hope they keep as dedicated as Bungie have been.

Bargain Price Games To Play This Winter

Imagine the scene – a new game has come out, and you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy. Then as you approach the shop, you fish around in your pockets and realise that you don’t have quite enough money to pay for the pleasure. Don’t feel bad; it’s happened to us all. And with new games rising in price again, it may well happen again to many individuals looking to get the next AAA title in the next three months. Fortunately, there is a solution of sorts: why not wait a week or two to see if the price comes down, and in the meantime get yourself acquainted with some gaming bargains? There are some terrific games on offer at the moment for a mere fraction of the £40 you would be paying for a brand new game, and in this article I intend to point you towards a few of the offers you can partake in.

As a disclaimer, all prices were correct as of the day of article publication. All the prices are quoted from Play.com, which I tend to buy from as they are reliable with deliveries. Continue reading Bargain Price Games To Play This Winter