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Top Ten…Opening Cinematics In Gaming

The introduction of compact discs (CD’s) in the mid 1990s as the data storage device of choice for games (excluding Nintendo) had quite a few notable side effects. In addition to larger game worlds, more complex graphics and better sound quality, the increased space available to developers allowed for the inclusion of something quite new – an opening cinematic video that played before the title screen popped up. These videos were often pre-rendered and served no purpose other than to get gamers pumped for the experience ahead of them. It became quite a popular feature, and nowadays many games offer opening cinematics with extraordinary production values. In this list, I aim to offer my opinion of what are some of the finest opening videos in gaming history.

For the purposes of this list, I wanted to limit any choices to purely video footage, or at least bare minimum interaction before you start the game – I will admit I am quite a fan of ‘interactive openings’ combining cinematics and gameplay (the openings to Mass Effect 2, Bioshock and Uncharted 2 in particular are excellent examples), but for me personally an opening cinematic should have no interaction from the player; they should have to do nothing except enjoy watching it. Continue reading Top Ten…Opening Cinematics In Gaming

The Real Driving Simulator? – Gran Turismo 1,2 & 3 Reviews

When discussing the simulation racing genre, there is one franchise that towers over the rest: Gran Turismo. There have been many pretenders to the crown, most notably the Forza Motorsport series, but nothing has been able to truly swerve the appeal of Polyphony Digital’s behemoth. Since the release of the original in 1998, the Gran Turismo games have sold over 60 million titles, making it the most successful racing simulation series of all time (Need For Speed holds the record for the most successful racing franchise) and meaning that it is has sold more than franchises like Street Fighter, Halo and even The Legend Of Zelda. I happen to have contributed to its success in a very small way, by buying copies of the first three titles in the series. This article will comprise of my reviews of these games, and a small roundup on where I see the future of the franchise going. Continue reading The Real Driving Simulator? – Gran Turismo 1,2 & 3 Reviews