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Team Fortress 2 Is Now Free To Play

Huge news from Valve today; no it’s not the announcement of Half Life 2: Episode 3, but something even better. The world’s #1 war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2, is now FREE TO PLAY. Yep, you can play when you like for as long as you like, and get the benefit of over four years of updates for the game online in the process.

The team is now available to everyone. Have fun...

Valve has recently allowed a few free to play games onto its Steam service, including the RPG Forsaken World, but I don’t think many anticipated that Team Fortress 2 would become free to play after the recent uber update for the game, which was the largest amount of content updated since the game’s release in 2007. While I’m sure that many will jump at the chance to get this excellent team based shooter now that it’s free (I have a copy for the Xbox in the form of the Orange Box), don’t feel bad if you have already paid for the game: you are getting upgraded to a premium account free of charge with the update as well.

You can add it to your download queue on Steam now, and in the meantime check out the hilarious ‘Meet The Medic’ video that Valve also released with the uber update.