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Headline Of The Week

All aboard! It’s that time of the year again where the gaming hype train makes a stop at Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly referred to as E3. While it has never been the most open show on the gaming calendar (it is primarily a press event after all), E3 commands a media attention that few other expositions can match, and for just under twenty years now it has been the battleground on which most major announcements have been made by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and EA amongst others.

I’ll be covering what I’m personally looking forward to in a separate article, so for now let’s confirm when all the major action is going to be broadcast. Microsoft will kick things off on Monday 9th at 5:30pm GMT, and will be followed by EA at 8pm GMT and Ubisoft at 11pm GMT. Sony once again will keep you up until the early morning by starting their conference at 2am GMT, and then Nintendo’s online only presentations will be broadcast on the Nintendo Direct website at 5pm GMT on Tuesday 10th. As ever, several gaming sites will be doing live streams throughout the day, including GameTrailers, IGN and Twitch. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 2ND – 8TH JUNE