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Spoony Bards On The Move – Final Fantasy 4 Advance Review


Kain, Cecil and Rosa steal the spotlight

Of all the games in the Final Fantasy series, the fourth instalment is the one that causes me the most headaches when evaluating it. On the one hand it’s pretty much everything that you could ask for from a classic RPG, and on the other it’s a frustrating and basic experience. Held in high regard by many, it just doesn’t appeal to me like it should do.

It should be noted as this point that I never did get my hands on the original copy released for the SNES (known confusingly as Final Fantasy II in North America), but instead played the port released on the Game Boy Advance, and that is the version that this review concerns.

So where should we start when looking at this game? Much of the praise that it has received comes from its character driven plot, so it would be wise to start there (it remains unchanged from the SNES version on the Game Boy). At the start of Final Fantasy 4 we are introduced to Cecil, a Dark Knight (no Batman references here) who commands the Red Wings, the elite airship force of the kingdom of Baron. Cecil finds himself increasingly unable to accept the strange requests of the King Of Baron who is looking to take various elemental crystals from across the world by force, and is demoted from his command. After being split from his comrades Kain (a Dragoon Lancer) and Rosa (a white mage) on an early mission, Cecil begins a journey to stop his replacement as the commander of the Red Barons, the sorcerer Golbez, from taking the crystals, picking up a motley crew of allies along the way to help him in his cause. Continue reading Spoony Bards On The Move – Final Fantasy 4 Advance Review