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Headline Of The Week

Video game soundtracks have been in the news again this week – not once, not twice, but THRICE.

The most high profile story concerns the soundtrack to the PS4 exclusive Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture – initially the album was included on the Classical Artists Albums Chart, before the Official Charts Company moved it to the Official Soundtrack Album Chart claiming that the first classification had been an error. Composer Jessica Curry took to Twitter to vent her frustration at being left off the list, as she felt she would have had a No.1 entry on her hands.

The British developers behind Rapture, The Chinese Room, also accused the firm of elitism when it came to including game soundtracks – a debate which has been ongoing since video game soundtracks were first included on the Classic FM Hall Of Fame in 2012.

In related soundtrack news, a vinyl CD for the cult SNES classic Earthbound will be getting a Western release – the 24 song release is available for a £25 pre-order now with a choice of four disc colours, set to ship to Europe and North America in early 2016. Finally, Nintendo’s surprise hit Splatoon is also getting an official soundtrack; amusingly called ‘Splatune’ it will feature 61 tracks and cost just $26 when it release in October.



Headlines For 6th – 12th July

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is to give every 11-12 year old child in the UK starting Year Seven this upcoming academic year a free micro-computer as part of its ‘Make It Digital’ initiative to improve knowledge on coding from a young age.

The Micro Bit (a knowing nod to the BBC Micro of the 80s) is roughly the size of a credit card (4cm x 5cm) and features 25 programmable red LED’s, two buttons which can be utilized as a controller or to pause and skip songs in a playlist, a built in accelerometer, compass and magnet and Bluetooth compatibility. It is intended that once kids become familiar with the technology that they would then upgrade to a more complex system like the Raspberry Pi. Plans are already in place for a not-for-profit organization to be established to create commercial units from 2016 onwards. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 29TH JUNE -12TH JULY


Headlines For 31st May – 6th June 

In a move that is arguably long overdue given the increasing influence video games have had over modern culture, a world first Video Game Hall Of Fame has been set up at The Strong National Museum Of Play in New York. To coincide with this, a first class into the Hall Of Fame has also been selected commemorating games that have displayed longevity, icon-status, expansive geographical reach and influence – the six games which have been inducted are Pong, Pac-Man, Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Doom & World Of Warcraft.

All six of these made my list of 20 Games That Changed History as well - the museum clearly has good taste
All six of these made my list of 20 Games That Changed History as well – the museum clearly has good taste!

“The games in the inaugural class of The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame span multiple decades, countries of origin, and gaming platforms, but all have significantly affected the video game industry, popular culture, and society in general” – The Strong commenting on its selection

It’s pretty hard to argue with the selection, but at the same time one wonders if Space Invaders or Elite could have made the cut as well. Anyone is free to submit a nomination for a game to enter the next class into the Hall Of Fame, so long as a claim is submitted before March 31st 2016 on The Strong’s website. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATES FOR 18TH MAY – 6TH JUNE