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Best VGM Bonus Round – Licensed Music In Video Games

For my first VGM Bonus Round feature, I looked at some of my favourite uses of Classical Music in videogames. In this second feature, I want to turn my attention to some of the best uses of Licensed Music in games – that is, music produced for the masses that somehow ends up enriching your gaming experience.

A fitting piece of music can improve a dramatic situation a thousand fold – not only in games, but in TV and film as well. Imagine Pulp Fiction without Dick Dale’s ‘Miserlou’, the lobby scene from The Matrix without the sounds of the Propellerheads, or the introduction to the BBC’s Formula One coverage without that classic bass-line from Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’. Most of the time, music produced specifically for the programme/film/game does the job of setting the scene, but more often than not it’s the strange juxtaposition of hearing a song from the radio suddenly kick in that people remember. Get it right, and you go down in history. Get it wrong, and you have the capacity to ruin your project (remember the use of ‘Hallelujah’ in Watchmen? Yeah….) Continue reading Best VGM Bonus Round – Licensed Music In Video Games

Dazcooke Presents…”Does Everyone In The UK Own FIFA 13?” – An Analysis Of UK Game Sales Charts September 2012 – March 2013

Each week for the radio show that I co-host (click ‘Radio Show Archives’ at the top of the page for more information), I have to do a quick bit of research and find what the best selling game in the UK is for that particular week. And while I was checking today’s data, I noticed something very strange.

FIFA 13 was number five on the charts.

Now, to the casual eye this doesn’t mean much at all; but to someone like me who keeps a watchful eye on the charts, it is quite noticeable because this is the first week since its release that FIFA 13 has ranked lower than 4th place. This small statistic made me query this morning the extent to which the sales charts have changed since FIFA’s release at the end of September 2012, and so I decided to have a quick check of the archives of sales charts since September to see if there are any trends. Continue reading Dazcooke Presents…”Does Everyone In The UK Own FIFA 13?” – An Analysis Of UK Game Sales Charts September 2012 – March 2013

Insert Relevant ‘Defintion Of Insanity’ Quote Here – Far Cry 3 Review


'Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games...'
‘Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games…’

It’s quite difficult to accurately describe the mayhem that can occur in Far Cry 3, but I’ll give it a go – most games nowadays ease you into proceedings, taking about an hour to really to really get going. Within 30 minutes of starting Far Cry 3, I had been mauled to death by a Komodo Dragon and killed by smacking into a cliff whilst on a paraglider. Ubisoft’s Montreal’s open world adventure, released at the end of last year, is one of the recent highlights of the gaming world; a game which at it’s best is an enormously fun adventure through a gigantic sandbox world. Continue reading Insert Relevant ‘Defintion Of Insanity’ Quote Here – Far Cry 3 Review

Dazcooke’s Video Game Land Review Of 2012

2012 – a year that promised much, and will no doubt go down in the textbooks as one of the most interesting years of modern times. The Olympics offered a summer of sporting enjoyment in Britain, a Korean man dancing like a horse became the most popular thing the internet has ever churned out, and the world didn’t end as predicted by ancient calendars running out. Each point to their own a notable landmark I guess.

And so what of the world of videogames? It was an enviable task set for this year by the exploits of 2011; a year where games reached levels of exceptional quality in some cases. 2012 was a horrifically clichéd year in that some things were very good, and some things very poor. Below is my run through the year; I’ve broken away from looking specifically at the big three companies in detail to allow some more room for analysis, and to keep the points a bit shorter for reading purposes. Continue reading Dazcooke’s Video Game Land Review Of 2012

Dazcooke’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games For Winter 2012

We are coming to the end of August, which means that the autumnal and winter seasons will soon hit us. While this is bad news for anyone currently in the middle of a holiday or fans of sunny weather, it means that we are slowly but surely moving towards the most exciting time of the year for gaming. The end of year schedule for games being released last year was nothing short of ridiculous, and while this year isn’t quite as filled to the gills with AAA titles, there are a few big hitting games that you will be enjoying soon enough. Last year. I wrote an article proclaiming the 20 games that I was most looking forward to, and in a very lazy show of journalism I am going to repeat the process…only this time I’ve narrowed my selection down to just 10 games after realising that I barely played many of the games I mentioned in the last list. So without further ado, here are the games that I am most looking forward to in the next few months. Continue reading Dazcooke’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games For Winter 2012

Dawnguard & Extended Cut DLC Out On Xbox Live, Far Cry 3 Gets Delayed To November & Meet The Pyro Video Out Tomorrow

A quick update on some new releases, some delays and some things to look forward to:

  • The wait for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fans is finally over, as the first piece of DLC content for the game, Dawnguard, is out now on Xbox Live. Featuring a focus on vampires, it will cost you 1600 MS Points for the privilege, and adds 10 new achievements worth 250 Gamerscore.
  • Today also marks the end of a long wait for Mass Effect 3 fans, as the controversial ‘Extended Cut’ DLC, aiming to clarify the ending a bit for those who were unimpressed with the original ending, is out now on Xbox Live. It’s a pretty hefty thing to download, weighing in at 1.9GB. I am downloading it as I type right now, and will hopefully have a quick review of it up in the next few days. In the meantime, why not read my review of the game in full?
  • Yet another twist in the long drawn out saga that is the potential remake of Final Fantasy VII – Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has claimed ‘we’ll make a Final Fantasy VII remake once we’ve made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FFVII.’ Not to be sceptical, but on that basis we could be waiting a while. I guess the potential release of the original on Steam will have to do in the meantime.
  • Pokemon Black 2 And White 2 have sold 1.6 million copies in two days since their release in Japan; it makes them the third fastest selling DS game in Japan, ironically behind the originals which managed to shift 2.6 million copies in the same time.
  • You may have noticed a trailer for a film called ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ recently – acting as Disney’s big project for this year, the story follows a video game villain looking to become the good guy, and features numerous characters cameos from the gaming world including Bowser, Dr Eggman and Zangief. Aside from looking like a good fun film, it will be getting a tie-in arcade side-scroller game ‘with a modern look and feel’. It will be made by Disney Interactive and published by Activision this Autumn on DS, 3DS and Wii.
  • Far Cry 3, one of the highlights from this years E3 and a game I have personally been waiting a long time for, has been delayed from September 7th to November 30th. The official line on this is that Ubisoft are taking a bit of extra time to make sure the game is as good as it can be…my personal hunch is that the four player mode demonstrated at Sony’s conference in Los Angeles need fixing after looking buggy as hell in demonstration. In any case, I now worry a bit that this title may be lost in the shuffle at the end of November – at least at the start of September there is nothing else to buy so it would have had an uncontested launch window.
  • Finally, after years of waiting, Team Fortress 2 is getting a ‘Meet The Pyro’ video tomorrow. Alongside this, a ‘Pyromania’ update has begun bringing new game modes and maps to the hugely successful free-to-play shooter.

E3 2012: Notes From The Five Conferences And Reaction

And so the dust has finally settled on the main conferences at the Electronic Entertainment Expo; over the last two days Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo have all held their annual E3 media pitches. As with last year, I was furiously typing all the way through the conferences making notes, and below is my quick round up of all the relevant stuff from the two days. Continue reading E3 2012: Notes From The Five Conferences And Reaction