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Headline Of The Week

The company responsible for the design of the Xbox 360 controller have been bought by virtual reality developers Oculus. Carbon Design, based out of Seattle in the USA, have reportedly been working with Oculus for over a year on unannounced projects, but it is expected the formal deal will be completed by the time Autumn rolls around for a as of yet unrevealed fee.

Oculus, who are trying to reinvest public enthusiasm into VR with it’s Rift headset, was purchased by social media giant Facebook for a cool $2 billion a couple of months ago and is clearly looking to allocate its new found funds, but have yet to outline plans for a commercial version of its product which has earned a favorable critical opinion after showings at gaming and technology expositions. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 23RD – 29TH JUNE

PS3 Passes 22 Million Sales In Europe, Sonic CD To Be Updated & More

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the big news stories from this week in the gaming world

  • Positive news for Sony this week – in Europe the PS3 has just passed the 22 million units sold mark (making up roughly 40% of the overall number of PS3’s sold since its launch in 2006). The recent price cuts have only helped to spur people to buy the PS3, which had a very sluggish start to its life but has really picked up the pace on the Xbox 360 over the past two years as its games catalogue increases. In fact, the PS3 is the best selling console of the year thus far, even with the PSN hack scandal that dominated the headlines a few months ago.
  • Sonic CD is the latest game of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise to be updated for the new generation. Originally released in 1993 on the Sega CD system (and marking the first appearance of both Metal Sonic and Amy Rose), the updated version will include widescreen graphics, achievements, and the original Japanese soundtrack. It will be hitting all systems this coming Winter. Sonic CD is often considered one of the better Sonic games with its interesting time travel dynamics, and perhaps this re-release will give it the success that it failed to achieve on the doomed Sega CD system.
Along with Sonic Generations, it should be a good Christmas for Sega's mascot
  • Crytek recently made their highly impressive CryEngine3 free for people to download, and it seems that it has been quite the success with over 100,000 downloads recorded within a week of it becoming it available to the public. Just remember, if you make a game commercially available using the engine, Crytek will ask for 20% of the revenue – otherwise, go nuts and create some crazy games as you wish
  • Kinect Star Wars has been delayed by Microsoft, and will not be making the Christmas rush it seems. I can only assume they realised that the game is horribly broken and have decided to fix the thing before the punters can buy it. LucasArts, please just give it up and make Battlefront 3 already.
  • And finally, some clever gamers managed to get a recording of the FIFA 12 demo in action at Gamescom, and in doing so showed off the ratings for the players of the six demo teams. If they make it to the final version of the game, then it will mark a departure from 90 being the highest threshold a player can reach – Messi is a frankly unbelievable 95 in the demo, and the rest of the teams similarly have some very highly rated players (Tevez is an 88 for City, and Fabregas a 89 for Arsenal…before he moved of course). You can check all the player ratings from the demo via this video.