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Headline Of The Week

Microsoft is looking to lay off 18,000 staff over the next six months; the largest turnaround in workforce the company has seen in 39 years. It is expected that over $800 million will be paid in benefits and severance packages, and although it is expected that many of the cuts will be taken from the recently acquired Nokia branch, the Xbox division will also be affected with Microsoft looking to close down Xbox Entertainment Studios.

XES, which was formed only as recently as February 2013 will continue to produce the Halo: Nightfall series and a document about Atari, having already premiered football documentary Every Street United which coincided with the World Cup. The shutdown of the studio means however that progress on over a dozen series will be cancelled, and heavily calls into question Microsoft’s strategy going forward as original Xbox content was one of the original selling points for the console (existing TV deals with the likes of NFL will continue), alongside the recently jettisoned Kinect peripheral. The move also flies in the face of a recent trend for streaming services providing original content with Netflix proving to be the most successful, and Amazon & Sony amongst others having projects waiting in the wings.

Recent changes do seems to suggest that after a years indecision and u-turns, Microsoft are once again looking to focus the Xbox One on the gaming audience. You can read the internal e-mail sent by Xbox chief Phil Spencer to staff about XES via Game Informer. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 14TH – 20TH JULY

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale – Who Should Be On The Roster?

Yesterday, Evolution 2012 kicked off in all its glory at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. For those of you who may be unaware, Evolution is an annual tournament bringing together the greatest players of fighting games in the world, who contest over a variety of titles for big cash prizes. In amongst footage of some scarily good Street Fighter 4 players, there was a demonstration of Sony’s upcoming Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, which is now set for release on October 26th 2012. The headline news from this demonstration was the announcement of two new characters for the roster – Heihachi (from the Tekken series) and Toro (Sony’s mascot cat which is most popular in Japan). This brings the total announced roster thus far to 10 characters; and while there is still time for further announcements, some people found last nights reveals to be a bit underwhelming. This begs the question then – who is left to make the cut?

To answer this question, I have once again asked for the help of a guest writer. Therefore taking the reins for a record breaking second time is Mr Stephen Jackman, a fellow part time games jorunalist and all round fan of all things Sony and fighting. Enjoy!

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Remaining Roster Speculation

With leaks of characters and reveals popping up here, there and everywhere, it’s hard not to speculate about the cast of characters that are going to appear in a big crossover fighter such as Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. Maybe we are leading ourselves to disappointment or forgetting some memorable names leading to genuine surprise and excitement. Regardless, the process of putting together lists with friends has been fun, and my own views on the matter can be seen below. The way I have structured my character choices puts them into a ‘one or the other’ scenario; I see it possible in some situations that some if not all the characters are included but I think at least one will make it in to represent that field.  There are ten fields that I believe will be filled by one of each at least (a cheeky way of avoiding narrowing it down to a top ten list). It is a sort of top ten list but clearly not. Continue reading Playstation All Stars Battle Royale – Who Should Be On The Roster?

Top Ten…Most Important Games On Sony Consoles

Today, It’s part two of my initiative to get other people writing on this blog, as we chronicle some of the most important games of all time. I covered the efforts of Microsoft in this article, and today it is the turn of Stephen Jackman to present his case for Sony. Stephen is a good friend of mine from Lincoln University, where he holds the enviable position of being the reigning champion at the Gaming Society I help to run (trust me – its a big deal). So, take it away…

Top 10…Most Important Games On Sony Consoles

I just want to thank Mr Cooke for allowing me to post on his blog as I always find it enjoyable to write about games, since most of the time they are pretty awesome. As someone who grew up with Sony and the Playstation console line, starting back in 1997 with a package deal along with the not so stellar title of Bubsy 3D (one of the times when games aren’t awesome), up to the present day with the Playstation 3 and my acquisition of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, I have seen a selection of great titles come and go with some leaving a large impact on the games industry and becoming a huge benefit, if not a major means of success, for Sony and their endeavours into the games industry.

Whereas the first console played a lot of copycat with the N64, for example the introductions of analogue sticks and the controller rumble feature, it had some strong titles that allowed it to reach the level of success that it did. The Playstation 2 built on what the original foundations the Playstation set out and ended up having one of the largest selections of titles any console ever supported. The most current iteration of the console, the Playstation 3, is a powerhouse of a machine and the most powerful console on the market at the moment, bringing high definition with blue ray among many other features.

From each Playstation console I have had a chance to play a fair amount of the games. From when the older titles were new on shelves and not yet nostalgic memories, as well as the newer releases, I feel I am able to look back at Sony’s history and find a top ten of important titles. As with Darren my aim was to give preference to console exclusives over multi platform releases, or at the very least the console the game launched on and what it was well known for. Continue reading Top Ten…Most Important Games On Sony Consoles

The Best Karting Game – Crash Team Racing Review


I’ll make no excuses; Crash Team Racing is a Mario Kart 64 clone, pure and simple. When the Italian plumber took his karts to the Nintendo 64 in 1997, it set the bar for everything else, and most of the efforts from developers in the two years afterwards (with the notable exception of Diddy Kong Racing) neatly smashed into it. Crash Team Racing differed from all of the other imitators however, and I personally feel that it did the unthinkable and actually surpassed Mario Kart 64, despite borrowing so heavily from it. Now I am aware of the heavy bias I carry into this review (being a massive Crash fan and all), but keep reading and you will hopefully realise why the marsupial fits the kart better than his moustachioed rival. Continue reading The Best Karting Game – Crash Team Racing Review

Top Ten…Levels In Gaming

Sometimes when you play a game, you have to stand back and just simply admire the game world that you are playing in. It can be a variety of things that can trigger this off; an epic vista, a serious confrontation, a challenging enviorment, a funny situation, a serious situation etc. The point remains: some locations in games simply get lodged in our heads and we never forget them.

My purpose in writing this list is to share an insight into the sorts of gaming locations that have had an effect on me and become great favourites of mine. This list is not ranked as some of my others have been; quite frankly I would find it difficult to rank these memories on merit, and so they are simply listed in the order they came to my head. I also admit that the title of the article is a bit loose; some of the locations mentioned aren’t ‘levels’ in the platforming sense of the word, but I couldn’t think of a better term so it will do. And so without further ado; my favourite levels/places/locations in my gaming history. Continue reading Top Ten…Levels In Gaming

Time To Get Warped: Crash Bandicoot 3 Review

(First published on Gamepad Magazine, 5th March 2011)

CRASH BANDICOOT 3: WARPED – Naughty Dog – 1998

If only I had a Apple Launching Bazooka...
If only I had a Apple Launching Bazooka…

Back In 1997, if you wanted a platform game for the Playstation, the choice was simple; you bought the Crash Bandicoot series. It was the best of the genre on the console, and nothing surpassed it. Come into 1998 however, and we find that Crash’s reign at the top was not as solid as it may have seemed. The Playstation’s great nemesis, the Nintendo 64, had been pumping out quality such as Banjo Kazooie, and Crash now had a rival on his own console, in the form of the massively popular Spyro The Dragon. Naughty Dog had to take action, and in the space of just 10 ½ months they managed to produce the third game in the series just in time for Christmas. Did the rush affect the quality? Happily, it didn’t. It raised the bar again. Continue reading Time To Get Warped: Crash Bandicoot 3 Review

‘I Come From A Land Down Under’ – Crash Bandicoot Review

(First published on Gamepad Magazine, 7th November 2010)


Ah, how the memories come flooding back
Ah, how the memories come flooding back

I should make it aware at this point that Crash Bandicoot was the first video game I ever played. Therefore it seems only fitting that 13 years later, the adventures of the spinning orange marsupial forms the basis of my first review.

Crash Bandicoot was released at a strange time for platformers. The king of the hill at the time was undoubtedly Super Mario 64 on the N64 which had revolutionised platforming in 3D, and Crash was Sony’s attempt to at least emulate the success of the Italian plumber’s adventures. It was also unique because the only competition it had on its own console was Bubsy 3D, meaning that it was almost guaranteed sales.

Cue the mayhem… Continue reading ‘I Come From A Land Down Under’ – Crash Bandicoot Review