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Headline Of The Week

Nintendo is to close down the Wi-Fi Connection services for all DS, DSi and Wii consoles on May 20th 2014.

Connecting to Wi-Fi was a chore...Nintendo have made it simpler now by killing it off
Connecting to Wi-Fi was a chore…Nintendo have made it simpler now by killing it off

The decision, which will affect all regions worldwide, means that online services including multiplayer, leaderboards and matchmaking will be permanently removed, although browser and shop functions (along with applications including YouTube and Netflix) will remain open. A full list of games that will be affected is available on Nintendo’s website, but among the biggest casualties are Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and every Pokemon game from Diamond & Pearl through to Black 2 & White 2.

Nintendo have offered no comment on why the services are being shut down now, but common sense suggests that with the new versions of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. in particular set for release on the Wii U this year, the Big N wants people to upgrade to the new versions, and removing online functionality acts as a cattle prod towards the new games. Besides, if truth be told the aging Wi-Fi Connection was awkward to use and inferior to both PSN and Xbox Live for content. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 24TH FEBRUARY – 2ND MARCH


Headline Of The Week

Rumour has it that if you say ‘Candy Crush’ three times in front of a mirror, a lawyer will appear behind you – King, the developer of the insanely popular casual hit Candy Crush Saga, have successfully trademarked the word ‘candy’ for use in games, games accessories and a number of merchandising items in both the United States and the EU. King has defended their move claiming that their IP is being constantly infringed by copycat apps (including Candy Casino Slots – Jewels Craze Connect: Big Blast Mania Land – which must be the longest/worst title ever bestowed upon a game) and has requested Apple to start taking down apps that prominently feature the word.

The situation has accelerated however as King have also filed a trademark dispute against the The Banner Saga (a turn based RPG funded by Kickstarter to the tune of $723,000 and developed by Stoic, a company of three employees who worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic), claiming that “The Banner Saga mark is confusingly and deceptively similar” to its own line of games…which it isn’t. The state of affairs has snowballed, with King claiming they are attempting to protect their IP rights and Stoic defending their own position:

“We won’t make a Viking saga without the word Saga, and we don’t appreciate anyone telling us we can’t. King.com claims they’re not attempting to prevent us from using The Banner Saga, and yet their legal opposition to our trademark filing remains.”

Fights over trademarks in the videogame industry are not uncommon; in recent years Bethesda and Mojang have come to blows over the use of the word ‘Scrolls, and the word ‘edge’ was infamously trademarked for over twenty years until a series of court rulings in 2010 overturned the situation. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 20TH – 26TH JANUARY