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Call Of Duty Elite Priced, Dragon Quest X Is Nintendo Exclusive & More

Some quite interesting nuggets of news have been flying across the interweb in the last few days, with a lot of it focusing on the games you will most probably be playing this coming Winter. Where to start….

  • Maybe predictably, we kick off with the battle of the heavyweights – Battlefield 3 vs. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, first of all looking at COD. This week marked the Call Of Duty XP event, basically a huge convention dedicated to Activision’s upcoming title. Along with official reveals of multiplayer information like re-designed kill streaks focusing on team play, they also revealed how much the ‘Call Of Duty Elite’ service will cost – £34.99 for a years subscription. This will grant access to the 20 pieces of planned DLC (which will be coming out monthly now instead of in quarterly map packs), and random community videos. The free tier service will offer stat tracking and community features, a bit like Halo Waypoint on the Xbox 360. Now excuse my pessimism, but unless the DLC is hilariously overpriced (which would make getting it in a bundle cheaper), £35 is a bit of a kick in the balls for anyone who was planning on getting it. I mean, consider if you want to get the service for the Xbox 360; that’s £40 for the game, £35 for Elite, and a further £35 for an Xbox Live Gold subscription – £110 overall. Quite simply, that is asking too much of the average consumer.
  • And on EA’s side of the war, we have confirmation that Battlefield 3 will be shipping on two discs for the Xbox 360. They haven’t confirmed whether it will be a split affair with one disc for multiplayer and one for single player. While disc swapping isn’t a problem, along with the news that Rage will require 22GB of HDD space to install, one wonders whether Microsoft will be able to stretch out their standard 7GB disc for much longer before they need to consider new options…maybe on a new console. One also wonders how much data the Frostbite engine takes up on a disc.
  • Hideo Kojima confirmed on Twitter recently that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will have four player co-op running at 60fps in the MGS HD Collection due this Winter. All the more reason to get what I think will be the surprise hit (in terms of sales at least) of the Christmas period.
  • It hasn’t been the smoothest of launches for Dead Island. It was released with quite a lot of glitches and people buying the game off of Steam got a build of the game meant for development purposes. The known glitches have been quickly patched by developers Techland, but it hasn’t helped its arrival amongst the media. The game has had mixed reviews amongst the press, basically surmising that Left 4 Dead is a better game overall. A bit of a shame really, considering the potential of that epic trailer that got everyone excited.
  • Square Enix have finally announced Dragon Quest X – and the headline news here is that is will be an online RPG available exclusively on both the Wii and the Wii U. Compatible with all the standard Wii controllers, it has also been implied that there will be (and I quote from the official mumbo jumbo) a ‘usage fee’. Square Enix have already set out plans for a public beta. No Dragon Quest on a Sony console? Believe me the backlash in Japan will be pretty severe at that.

Intriguing stuff all round as per usual. As a final note, achievement/trophy lists have been revealed for both F1 2011 and Batman: Arkham City – be warned, Arkham City’s list contains story spoilers.

That’s all from me right now, feel free to read around my blog and any comments on improvements are welcome.