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The Steam Winter Sale 2013 Kicks Off Today

Not content with emptying your wallets less than a month ago during the Autumn sale, Steam have unleashed their festive slashing of prices just in time for you to treat yourself at Christmas.

"Tis the season to be bankrupt, fa la la la la, buy some games"
“Tis the season to be bankrupt, fa la la la la, buy some games”

Same rules apply as always; there will be a new selection of 9 special deals every 24 hours from now up until January 3rd, with four games heavily reduced every eight hours under the ‘Flash Sales’ section. The Community Choice also makes a welcome return, with the Steam userbase choosing every eight hours on which one of three selected games will get a price drop.

Rather than reenact the ridiculous coal giveaway from a couple of years ago when one lucky git got EVERY GAME ON STEAM, the bonus for buying games/voting/crafting badges this year are a selection of items to be used in a number of free-to-play games including DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2 and Warframe.

But on to the important stuff – what’s on discount? For today, I would say the top picks are the long awaited PC version of the very fun Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (£13.39 with all the DLC, playable on 9th Jan), the Brave New World DLC for Civilization V at 50% off, and the pick of the bunch is Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite bundled together for £9.

Happy hunting out there!

Top 10…Most Important Games On Microsoft Consoles

Welcome to Part One of a new initiative on my blog – the introduction of guest writers! This initiative will be part of a small series looking back at some of the most pivotal games on all time, focusing on the efforts on Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft and PC gaming – if it proves to be popular, I may well extend the project to take in other great names such as Sega and Atari. The basic idea for this project came about because I wanted to take a look back of ten years of Microsoft in the games industry, and then thought that it would be a worthwhile effort to include the other major players in the industry. What you will be getting is a series of top ten lists looking at the games which have defined the companies and their consoles – not necessarily the best selling games, but those which the writers feel have had the biggest influence over time.

And so to the writers themselves – I will be looking back at 10 years of Microsoft, and I have enlisted some of my good friends to write the lists for Sony and Nintendo – they will be revealed in due course. You know, to make it more exciting when you read them.

And so without further ado, here is Part One:

Top 10…Most Important Games On Microsoft Consoles

When the 15th November 2011 marched by a month or so ago, it marked ten years since Microsoft decided to chance their hand at the games industry. Taking the fight to Sony’s PlayStation 2, Nintendo’s Gamecube and Sega’s Dreamcast with its powerful Xbox console (the first to have an in built hard drive), they enjoyed a great deal of success and with the introduction of Xbox Live in 2002, they created an early monopoly on online console gaming that remains strong to this day. The Xbox, despite being crushed by the PS2’s enormous sales figures, nevertheless came out of the sixth generation as ‘the best of the rest’ with 24 million sales, and Microsoft blinked first in the seventh generation of consoles by introducing the Xbox 360 in 2005. With the 360, Microsoft have continued to battle Sony and Nintendo on a level playing field, and the console remains strong to this day, shifting 57 million units – needless to say, Microsoft’s decision to take the plunge in the console wars has been a very lucrative effort. Continue reading Top 10…Most Important Games On Microsoft Consoles

IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis

And so here we are: IGN has completed its countdown of what it feels to be the Top 100 ‘Modern Games’. If you don’t feel like clicking through one hundred different screens, I have saved you the trouble by compiling the results into this list along with information on the games release and developers. Be aware that this list as a result will contain massive spoilers: you have been warned. If you want the original format then go to IGN’s site here, otherwise without further ado, from 100 down to number 1, here is the list: Continue reading IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games: The List In Full And Analysis