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Good afternoon all; and welcome to the world of a post-E3 news update! I’m still bruised from when I flopped around the room following the Final Fantasy VII remake announcement…Apologies once again for a serious lack of output recently, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to sap time out of my days with remarkable force. Anyway, the news!

Headline Of The Week

It’s been nigh-on impossible to escape the saga that has been the release of Batman: Arkham Knight this week. The final chapter in Rocksteady’s adventures with the Dark Knight has been one of the most anticipated games of the year, and early signs suggested that it was heading to glory with reviews in the highest echelon from several publications. The release of the PC port however has ensured that the game will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 22ND-28TH JUNE


Headlines For 11th to 17th May

A new project designed as a spiritual successor to the long running Castlevania series, Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night, has proved to be a hit on Kickstarter by raking in nearly $1.3 million in funding within a day (as of writing this article, the figure has risen to $2,223,566!). The game is the brainchild of Koji Igarashi, who in the past has worked as Assistant Producer on Symphony Of The Night and as Producer on several other games in the series.

Among the stretch goals that have been hit for the proposal (which was only looking for $500,000) are local co-operative gameplay, voice work from the legendary David Hayter, Speed & Boss Rush modes and in a first for Kickstarter, the option to receive the game in a physical disc format for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Bloodstained is the second high profile game to receive press attention in recent weeks following Yooka-Laylee, and suggests a mini-renaissance for the crowdfunding initiative which has been largely quiet since Mighty No.9. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATES FOR 4TH APRIL – 17TH MAY


Headline Of The Week

Persona 5, Atlus’ much anticipated RPG sequel, will be coming to PS4 – a decision which has immediately vindicated my decision to buy the console. The news was revealed in a new teaser trailer which featured in Sony’s pre-Toyko Games Show press conference, which also suggests that the game has slipped to a 2015 worldwide release date (it was originally intended that the PS3 version would arrive in Japan by the end of this year). On the flipside of this news however, 3DS title Shin Megami Tensei IV has been delayed in Europe until late October – pushing it further than a year since its original release.

A selection of 44 titles were shown off with several new games also revealed, including Resident Evil Revelations 2, a brand new Everybody’s Golf and the gorgeous looking Dragon Quest Heroes (which will get a special ‘Metal Slime’ edition of the PS4), as well as confirmation that dynamic menu themes will be included in System Software update 2.00. TGS 2014 kicks off in earnest on September 18th.

I need that Metal Slime USB attachment in my life...
Screw the fact that Dragon Quest is returning to PlayStation – I need that Metal Slime USB attachment in my life post haste!



Headline Of The Week

If you remember, around the dawn of the new year I reported on how a chap from America called Michael Thomasson claimed the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest game collection, with over 10,607 titles on show. Well the record now belongs to someone else – because he has sold it all for a whopping $750,020.

While the opening bid was just $1 thereby allowing anyone in on the grand prize, the bidding war soon devolved into a two horse race between two anonymous users, before ending almost a week later (the entire roll of bids, along with pictures of the sheer size of the collection can be seen on the bidding page). If you ask me, I’d say even at three-quarters of a million dollars, that’s a pretty good deal given the rarity of some of the games included.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the whole affair is that this is the third time that Thomasson has sold off his collection, and he is looking to start it all up once again. Credit to the guy for perseverance – my collection over 23 years is barely less than 1% of his old one! Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 16TH – 22ND JUNE