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Headline Of The Week

The Last Of Us was the headline stealer at the 2014 Video Game BAFTA’s in London this week, scooping up five awards including Best Game. Naughty Dog’s survival horror has been the standout performer during the videogame award season, and now it has added gongs for Best Action & Adventure, Audio Achievement, Story and Best Performer (Ashley Johnson as Ellie) to its sizeable trophy cabinet.

Media Molecule’s Vita exclusive Tearaway and Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V picked up three awards each, with Rockstar also being presented with the BAFTA Fellowship by Hideo Kojima. Elsewhere, Bioshock: Infinite walked away with Best Music, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons earned Best Game Innovation, and Papers, Please nudged out strong competition to win Best Strategy & Simulation.

If you missed the ceremony on Wednesday which was hosted by comedian Dara O’Briain, then you can catch online via the BAFTA Twitch Page . Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 10TH – 16TH MARCH

Grand Theft Auto V Acheivement List Revealed

We are now just under a month away from what could potentially run away not only with the accolade of Game Of The Year, but Game Of The Generation – of course, its Rockstar’s magnum opus Grand Theft Auto V. And the achievement/trophy list has sneaked its way to the interwebs.

After a quick sneak peek, it immediately strikes me as being every bit as varied at GTA IV’s list; perhaps even more so. Rampages are making a welcome return from Vice City & San Andreas, and the inclusion of medals for missions confirms that the replay mission option from The Ballad Of Gay Tony & Red Dead Redemption will also be included. There’s also a pretty big emphasis on spending money – splashing out $200 million on investments including nuclear waste should be pretty good fun. Then there’s the miscellaneous ones that will cause the rumor mill to go into overdrive – spaceship parts? And is this Leonora Johnson a sly reference to Carl Johnson and his family from San Andreas?

I can't wait to ascend Mt. Chiliad again, only to jump straight off
I can’t wait to ascend Mt. Chiliad again, only to jump straight off

The other thing that strikes me with the list is the emphasis on the mutliplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online, which as we know from the reveal video this week won’t be up and running until two weeks after the game’s release. I personally found my brief time on GTA IV’s mutiplayer to be a painful experience, and hopefully it won’t be anyway near as hard accumulating XP to reach the higher levels this time around. At least they’ve included a focus on group activities such as heists, rally mode (which sounds like a hoot) and survival to make the online experience more enjoyable for all.

If you want a gander at the full list, simply click the link below. Time to settle in for a long month of waiting…

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/grand-theft-auto-v/achievements/ (EDIT – this link was taken down not long after writing this article, presumably for reasons of privacy instigated by the developers. The list should in theory be back up when the game is released)

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Achievements Revealed

The game might be delayed until February 2012, but that hasn’t stopped someone leaking the achievements/trophies for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Strangely although you get MGS2, MGS3 and MGS Peace Walker in the same package, Peace Walker has its own list separate to the two PS2 titles – who am I to complain? Overall, it’s a pretty good list, mixing standard progression awards in with the boss battles you encounter during the games. I had to highlight this list however for some of the stuff you will get rewarded for in MGS3 – there’s an achievement for taking out The End early (one of the best Easter Eggs in gaming), and a hilarious one for causing a time paradox with Ocelot – veterans of the game should know how to trigger this one.

Check out the full lists for both the HD Collection and Peace Walker via the following links (courtesy of the ever useful Xbox360Achievements.org)

MGS2 & MGS3 Achievement/Trophy List

MGS Peace Walker Achievement/Trophy List

P.S. In what has been a glorious day for game spoilers, someone managed to acquire the opening 20 minutes of Skyrim and put it on Youtube earlier. If you want to spoil the opening of the biggest game of the year, have a look around – Zenimax have been taking down most of the links due to copyright.

FIFA 12 Achievement/Trophy List Unveiled

Courtesy of Xbox360achievements.org, I can bring to you today the full list of acheivements/trophies for EA’s upcoming FIFA 12. The shocking thing this year is that mercifully, they’ve left out most of the stupid, glitchy and time consuming efforts (such as win 100 games online), in favour of a much more balanced list, which amongst other things requires to to nutmeg an opponent, engage in some transfer deadline day activity and beat your friends online. There are quite a few listed for Ultimate Team mode as well, which dissapoints me a bit because I have never really engaged with Ultimate Team mode. Maybe I’ll give it a go this year if you get more coins from a victory.

Have a look for yourself by following this link and tell me what you think.

Gears Of War 3 Achievement List Revealed – Yep, Seriously 3.0 Is In There

Courtesy of  Xbox360acheivements.org, I can present to you today the achievement list for the game which will usher in a a Fall season of excellent games, and that game is Gears Of War 3. I warn you in advance of potential spoilers from acheivement names for story related progress, but a quick look at the list shows that Epic have divided the game up quite nicely into story, mutliplayer, Horde and Beat modes. And for the hardcore, we have the much anticipated ‘Seriously 3.0’ achievement: it is not to get a million kills as one may expect, but rather to get to level 100 and earn all Onyx medals in multiplayer. Best prepare for another long haul then…

Check out the list at the following link and tell me what you think. If you excuse me, I’ll go rev up the Lancer…


Top 10…Most Original Achievements On The Xbox 360

A while back, I produced a Top 10 list of what I personally considered to be the hardest achievements to unlock on the Xbox 360. Today, the focus is still on the achievement system, but I will be looking at it from a different perspective, and analysing something that it not always guaranteed in the games industry: originality. The following achievements are excellent examples in my view of developers thinking outside the box and having a bit of fun, inviting gamers to do the same and in some cases setting a trend for other developers to follow. So with further ado, let’s get to the list

10 – Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Crowd Pleaser – Break Jar Jar 20 times – 20GS

The Lego Star Wars series has always emphasised fun above everything else. Sure there is usually a destination to get to as you aim to save the universe, but its too tempting not to engage in a impromptu lightsaber duel with your co-op friend, or hop in a vehicles and drive around. To top off a great game, Traveller’s Tales included the ‘Crowd Pleaser’ achievement, where you have to ‘break’ (remember, Lego doesn’t die, it just falls to pieces) Jar Jar Binks 20 times. If you know anything about the Star Wars prequels then you will be aware how hated Jar Jar is, and mercilessly destroying him over and over is a joy. Getting rewarded for it is just the icing on the cake. Continue reading Top 10…Most Original Achievements On The Xbox 360

Top 10…Hardest Achievements On The Xbox 360

Along with the rise of online gaming, one of the most notable changes to the gaming world in the 7th generation has been the introduction of achievements & trophies; little notifications that you have done something special within a game. My opinion on the system is split if nothing else; it’s nice to have some sort of tracker to identify your progress with games rather than having to tell everyone, but it has inspired a culture where a minority of gamers have become obsessed with getting a higher gamerscore/trophy collection than everyone else, and a unfortunate situation where some games that wouldn’t have been touched with a barge pole in the last generation (mainly crappy film tie-ins) are bought and played because they offer easy achievements. In any case it appears that the system is here to stay, and in the five years or so that achievements have been around, there have been a few truly worthy of testing a gamers skill with a specific title. It is my intention in this list to show off the hardest ones currently available to obtain, from my personal view of course. I have tried as best as I can to avoid including multiplayer achievements, because they can be easily boosted (the act of asking others online to play along with the specific intention of getting the achievement, for example losing matches on purpose) and therefore do not provide a suitable degree of challenge. Continue reading Top 10…Hardest Achievements On The Xbox 360