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Headline Of The Week

The State Council of China has temporarily removed a 14 year ban on selling video game consoles, sparking a battle for control of one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

Whereas before the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony had been prevented from selling their wares in the country, a report from Reuters suggests that ‘foreign-invested enterprises’ are now allowed to make consoles within Shanghai’s free trade zone and distribute them around the country with the prior approval of the Chinese government. No information has been provided on how long the ban will be lifted for

China is and has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world over the past few years, with a desire to modernize and a massive population to sell to. Whether or not the majority of the native population will be able to afford to buy consoles is an issue to be considered, but the videogame industry has a history of being able to successfully penetrate poorer foreign markets – for example, Sega proved to be very popular in Brazil and other South American countries during the Genesis era. This will be a story to follow with interest. Continue reading WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE FOR 5TH – 12TH JANUARY

Dazcooke’s Video Game Land Review Of 2012

2012 – a year that promised much, and will no doubt go down in the textbooks as one of the most interesting years of modern times. The Olympics offered a summer of sporting enjoyment in Britain, a Korean man dancing like a horse became the most popular thing the internet has ever churned out, and the world didn’t end as predicted by ancient calendars running out. Each point to their own a notable landmark I guess.

And so what of the world of videogames? It was an enviable task set for this year by the exploits of 2011; a year where games reached levels of exceptional quality in some cases. 2012 was a horrifically clichéd year in that some things were very good, and some things very poor. Below is my run through the year; I’ve broken away from looking specifically at the big three companies in detail to allow some more room for analysis, and to keep the points a bit shorter for reading purposes. Continue reading Dazcooke’s Video Game Land Review Of 2012

Review Of Gaming At The MCM Expo 26th May 2012

As mentioned in yesterdays news update, today I had the pleasure of sharing the summer sun with thousands of other people at the MCM Expo in London (a very pleasant day, but one to make you thank the powers that be for the invention of air conditioning in buses and buildings). Alongside the ever strong contingent of anime fans, this Expo also enjoyed a boost in space dedicated to gaming affairs with the usual suspects such as Nintendo, Capcom, and Square Enix turning up to show off their latest wares. The following is a quick report on the highlights from my day

As a general overview, much like last year I didn’t manage to get a substantial amount of time with all the games on offer, due to some stupidly long queues that refused to dissipate during the day. As a result, anyone wanting to know how Lollipop Chainsaw or Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance play will be sorely disappointed by this article. Reading between the lines however, the constant demand for these games throughout the day would imply that they have done something right.

There were two games that really caught my eye during the day, and interestingly enough both of them were to be found nestled on the screen of a 3DS. First off we have Mario Tennis Open, which I’m happy to report is fantastic to play – straight from the get go it feels like a polished version of the excellent Mario Tennis of the Nintendo 64 era. Its simple to pick up and play – perhaps too simple, as like with a few other games that have been released on the 3DS (Street Fighter 4 comes to mind), the touch screen is filled with auto commands prompts that you can press with your stylus to activate the trickier shots like lobs and drop shots. I found myself largely ignoring the prompts and playing purely with the buttons, which didn’t impact at all upon the game experience. The abilities that the playable characters bring to the field could perhaps do with a bit of tweaking (King Boo’s ‘Weird’ style means he can add insane curve to spin shots for an easy win), but overall Mario Tennis Open looks like a solid, enjoyable game to have on the move. It was just released this last week, so if I’ve piqued your interest it’s available to buy.

The biggest surprise of the day however was Theatrhyhm, the musical rhythm involving the tunes and characters from Final Fantasy. When I first heard this game being announced I immediately disregarding it as a stupid idea, and decided to give it a go today to see if my fears were well founded. Turns out, it’s actually pretty good fun. Utilising the 3DS’ touch screen and stylus, you have to tap the screen at the correct moments to follow on screen prompts that let you play along to the music from the various games within the franchise. Multiple game scenarios and difficulties are featured in order to give a bit of variety to proceedings, including full FMV footage from the games rendered in 3D in some cases which was a very pleasant surprise to see. The combination of experience with handheld games in the form of the Dissidia titles, an artistic style that doesn’t take itself too seriously and the strong music the series is known for make this a game that stands out from being a bog standard rhythm game, and while I wouldn’t recommended it to non-Final Fantasy fans, fans with a 3DS should put their scorn aside and try it out; tapping out the rhythm to stuff like Clash On The Big Bridge on Ultimate difficulty is great fun.

Alongside being able to play a few titles, Gamespot UK were also on hand to present some media exclusives. In the short time I had the opportunity to sit down, I managed to get a hands on look at Sleeping Dogs (formerly called True Crime: Hong Kong) – the alpha build was shaky to say the least, messing up a few times during the demonstration, but the core ideas within the game, including environment sensitive finishing manoeuvres (some of which, including setting a mans head on fire using a cooker hob had members of the audience smiling sadistically) and a high emphasis on cinematic storytelling makes it an intriguing prospect; it won’t be winning any awards and won’t distract people from the shiny GTA V announcement that looms on the horizon, but it could be a potential mindless filler title to enjoy in August. Gamespot were also proud to announce ‘exclusively’ that Persona 4: Arena will be getting a European release this year…despite the fact that the news broke on the internet yesterday. Nothing more was revealed on gameplay, story or vocal talent, however we were handed bits of card and told to download the free ‘Teddie Vision’ app, which then turns an image on the card into a video when viewed on a phone via the app. Cool stuff.

And so there we have it; a quick and informal summary of the day. I apologise that I couldn’t report on much more, but I did want to see the rest of what was on offer while covering as much gaming as possible. Now if you will excuse me, a nice long sleep is in order.

P.S Honourable shouts on the cosplay front to the girl dressed as classic Pac Man, and the hulk of a man pulling off the angry village psycho from the start of Resident Evil 5.

SWTOR Earns New World Record, Pokemon Grey On The Way & What Was Most Played On Xbox Live In 2011?

G’day folks, hope you have all had an enjoyable start to 2012. Here’s a quick update of the more interesting stories form the start of the New Year.

  • The Christmas period has been a very successful time for Nintendo, certainly in its homeland of Japan. Last month they shifted 1,492,931 units of the 3DS in Japan, which broke records for the highest monthly hardware sales recorded in the country. This is a stark contrast to sales of the PS Vita, which similar to the 3DS has had a tough start to its life – only selling 402,704 units since its launch, which is below the anticipated numbers. It’s only taken a year, but the 3DS seems to be picking up steam now.
  • Speaking of Steam, its been pretty good numbers coming from Valve’s digital service in 2011. Year by year unit sales have improved by over 100% for the seventh straight year in a row, and they had 5 million concurrent users for the first time in late December, no doubt fuelled by the brilliant sales that were on offer. The big cheese of Valve, Gabe Newell, has promised there will be more free to play games next year as Steam continues to go onwards and upwards.
  • The good news continues in PC land for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It has already seen a steady growth in player base since its release late in December, and the enormous game has now been recognised by the Guinness Book Of Records for having the ‘Largest Entertainment Voice Over Project’ ever. With over 200,000 lines of dialogue recorded, its not hard to see why.
  • Are we going to see Pokemon Grey this year? It certainly seems that way at this moment in time. Several Japanese publications have been dropping hints that a new game will be on the way, and that inkeeping with traditional format it will be an update to the existing games of the generation, Black & White, with more of a focus on one of the legendary Pokemon in the story – in this case, most likely it will be the ice dragon Kyurem. A domain name was registered for the game last year, but the Pokemon Company have been tight lipped on the issue. The main issue is whether or not it will be exclusive to the 3DS or not; more news on this when it arrives.
  • And to finish with, we take a quick look back at 2011 – specifically, the most played games on Xbox Live for the year. It’s a depressingly solid set of statistics to back up the notion that gaming has become too orientated towards first person shooters, with the Call Of Duty franchise dominating the list. Black Ops took 1st prize, Modern Warfare 3 popped into 2nd, and Modern Warfare 2 took 3rd, while the original Modern Warfare is astonishingly high at 14th (not bad for a game released over four years ago). Another surprise is that Halo 3 still holds firm in 16th place. The full top 20 is listed below.

1. Call Of Duty: Black Ops

2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

3. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

4. Halo: Reach

5. Battlefield 3

6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

7. Gears of War 3

8. FIFA 12

9. FIFA 11

10. Madden NFL 12

11. GTA IV

12. NBA 2K11

13. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

14. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

15. Battlefield 3 Beta

16. Halo 3

17. Gears Of War 2

18. Forza Motorsport 4

19. Red Dead Redemption

20. Call Of Duty: World At War

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for my review of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and feel free to browse all the other content I have to offer on the blog. Happy reading 🙂

Dazcooke’s Video Game Land Review Of 2011

Welcome everyone, to the first of what I hope will become an annual event on this blog – my review of the gaming industry in the year that was 2011. On a personal note, it has been a pleasure to have consistently updated this blog throughout the year, and thank you to everyone who has supported it via constructive criticism, or even things as simple as comments and views – I hope to continue in a positive form next year. But alas, the world is bigger than myself, and that is what the focus is in this article.

It wouldn’t be a massive exaggeration to claim that this has been the biggest year for games in ages, certainly since the release of the Nintendo Wii in 2006. The overall calibre of games has been on a notable rise this year, with a handful becoming instant classics, and the industry as a whole has advanced even further to consolidate its place as a genuine rival to the other great entertainment mediums such as film. That is not to say the year has been devoid of mistakes and mess-ups; amongst the success stories, there are a quite a few cock-ups that are well worth mentioning. Continue reading Dazcooke’s Video Game Land Review Of 2011

Steam Launches Its Christmas Deals Extravaganza, Skyrim Takes The No.1 Spot In The Christmas Charts And The Old Republic Gets Released On PC

Hello everyone – It’s good to be finally be home again with my family having just finished the semester at University, as it means I can do a bit more journalism in my free time. The following is a roundup of some interesting news and deals from the last few days…

  • Usually, Steam are pretty generous on their deals and offers – not a day goes by when there isn’t at least something on offer. This Christmas however, they have gone berserk. From today up until the 1st January, there is a simply enormous catalogue of games of every genre on offer, including sensational deals on individual games (Portal 2 is £5 today….that’s an absolute steal) and packs of games from the likes of Bethesda, Rockstar, Square Enix and of course Valve. The deals will change every day, so be sure to keep checking back regularly. The real big news on Steam however is the Great Gift Pile promotion. By completing various challenges every day, you will earn free games, vouchers, or a piece of coal. Don’t despair if you get some coal however though, because it’s the entry to the Epic Holiday Giveaway – top prize: EVERY GAME ON STEAM. Best clear out some hard drive space and pray then people.
  • Microsoft has also waded into the murky waters of deals, with their annual 12 Days Of Christmas promotion, where each day one Xbox Live Arcade game will be discounted for the day. Today it’s the turn of Bastion, one of the big winners at the recent VGA awards – its yours for 600 MS Points. Major Nelson has also posted up details about some permanent deals that will be running through the 12 days as well, and you can check the details via this link.
  • If you bought a 3DS early, the long awaited Game Boy Advance games for Ambassadors are now available for you to download for free. The list, which will probably offer more playability than the earlier NES Ambassador games, are as follows and are available via the E-Shop on your 3DS

– F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

– Super Mario Advance 3

– The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap

– Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

– Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

– Mario Kart: Super Circuit

– Mario vs. Donkey Kong

– Metroid Fusion

– Wario Land 4

– WarioWare Inc

  • The long awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic, the biggest MMO to be released in years, finally goes on sale today. About 1 million lucky people have been playing early due to pre-order incentives, and it will now remain to be seen whether or not BioWare’s effort can dislodge World Of Warcraft from its lofty perch. I won’t be getting it personally as my laptop will not run it, however I have quite a few friends who have jumped on board, and I may be able to get first thoughts from them in a few days time.
  • Finally, the best selling game at Christmas in the UK has been announced, and for the first time in eight years it is not an EA or Activision title – it’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, capping off an incredible year for Bethesda’s behemoth. The title of Christmas King has been dominated by Call Of Duty and Need For Speed over the last decade, and Skyrim has become the first game to break the run – the last title was the wonderful Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which ruled the roost in 2002.

Black Friday Sales Break Records, 3DS Ambassador Games May Be Delayed & Is Resident Evil 6 Set In China?

ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!….or it may as well be, considering the amount of decorations popping up around the city right now. Yes, 23 days before the Lord Christ celebrates his 2011th birthday, Lincoln has decided to get into the festive mood – call me a traditionalist, but I don’t think it should really be celebrated until the 12 days beforehand….but whatever. With Christmas coming up, it also brings with it the busiest time of the year for the game industry, and as a result I have some news to bring you from the past week.

  • The virtual sales on Black Friday may not have been the best we have ever seen, but physical sales of games and consoles went through the roof last week. Nintendo were able to report that both The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land shifted over 500,000 copies apiece in the last week alone, making them the fastest selling Zelda and portable Mario titles ever. The 3DS also benefitted greatly from the arrival of the Italian plumber onto the system, tripling the sales of the previous week and meaning that despite its troubled year, it is still on to beat the first year figures of the Nintendo DS. Microsoft were also beneficiaries of the Black Friday spirit, shifting 960,000 Xbox 360 consoles and 750,000 Kinect’s to have their biggest sales week ever. A happy Thanksgiving indeed then for both parties
  • Ah Skyrim, how you continue to captivate people – and unfortunately for Bethesda, recent news has not been kind. After several reports of crippling lag on the PS3, they released a patch this week which seems to have solved the problem for some users, but has also brought some new unintended hilarious glitches, such as dragons flying backwards. It’s not been all bad though – Skyrim has been the third most played game on Xbox Live recently (behind Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops, which will no doubt be there until the end of time), and has the distinct honour of becoming the first Western game to ever get a perfect 40/40 mark from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu – who are kind of similar to Edge Magazine in that perfect scores don’t get handed out too often. As far as a personal report goes, I’m about 40 hours in on my Xbox 360 version, and haven’t encountered a single problem as of yet.
  • You may remember if you were brave enough to buy a 3DS before the price drops that Nintendo were going to reward you with a bunch of free games. The NES titles have already been released, but the promised GBA titles, including Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Metroid Fusion, still have yet to come through. Nintendo this week dismissed a report that the games have been pushed back to February 2012, claiming that they are still on course to bring them out before the festive period. More news on this soon.
  • The next instalment in the Resident Evil series may well be heading to the Far East– two CV’s were spotted by eagle eye journalists this week claiming that Resident Evil 6 will feature Chinese versions of the undead hordes. It wouldn’t be a great surprise, as the series has explored Spain in Resident Evil 4 and Africa in Resident Evil 5 – watch this space I guess.
  • Finally, news which delights me personally – Final Fantasy VII, one of the most celebrated and despised games of all time, will NOT be getting a HD remake – according to Yoshinori Kitase at least. The producer of Final Fantasy XIII and its upcoming sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, has come out this week to say that it would take far too much effort as ‘the actual game volume’ of FF7 would be too big to properly realise in a remake and that it would take nearly ten times the effort to make than a new game. So…what he is actually saying is that the modern games are inferior and not as fulfilling as games that were released 14 years ago? Way to diss the project Kitase

And that is your lot for the week, enjoy your weekend – and don’t go opening too many windows on your Advent calendars…

GTA 5 Is Officially Announced, Nintendo Make Huge Losses & Metal Gear HD Collection Gets Delayed

Just a quick update this week on three bit of news to come out of the industry:

  • All the evidence in the world pointed to it, and earlier this week we got a crystal clear confirmation – Grand Theft Auto 5 is indeed real and will be coming out sometime in the future. Given the gigantic success of the franchise since its jump to the world of 3D environments in 2001, and in particular the critical acclaim of GTA 4 in 2008, you would have thought this would be a no-brainer for Rockstar Games, but they are famously good at keeping their cards close to their chest. All eyes will be on the Rockstar website on November 2nd, as this is when we will get out first glimpse of GTA 5 in the form of an official trailer. In the meantime, all we can do is twiddle out thumbs and observe the only picture of the game released – and it’s the logo. The dollar wrapped around the Roman Numeral gives a bit of weight to the theory that for this instalment, Rockstar may make the jump to the real world and focus on the current economic climate, maybe in Los Angeles. I for one am horrified at the idea; Grand Theft Auto has always been at its peak by offering ridiculous action and a scathing commentary on real life. Also, please please please don’t do Liberty City again – give me more Vice City and ill slap my money down right now for a copy.
What does that green and ribbon mean - a political campaign perhaps?
  • It’s all looking a bit gloomy for Nintendo at the moment – a year marked by a highly disappointing sales for the 3DS, a lack of big hitting titles for the Wii and DS and early scepticism towards the Wii U have all come together to give the Big N a first half loss of a staggering 70.2 BILLION Yen (that’s £578 million for us English folk). Nintendo haven’t made a annual loss in profits for over 30 years now, and it really would be a sign of the economic times if the biggest name in gaming were to hit a downturn as catastrophic as this come April 2012 (Christmas will boost profits, but I doubt it will cover such a huge initial loss).
  • And finally in another sad bit of news, another game has found itself displaced from the November release schedule – the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection which will now be released on the 3rd February 2012. Logic would dictate that either Konami don’t fancy their chances against the other big hitters in November and have made the decision to bail out, or the game simply wasn’t ready yet. Still it might prove to be a crafty bit of business – at the moment, the only other major challenge in February is from Final Fantasy XIII-2, so it might be able to mop up on those gamers who are burnt out over Christmas.

Cheers for the continued support of the blog, and if anyone is going to the MCM Expo in London tomorrow I hope you have a great time – I can’t go to this one unfortunately due to work constraints (and I’m skint as well – typical student).

3DS & PS Vita Go Head To Head At TGS, Final Fantasy X HD Confirmed And More

The Tokyo Games Show has been taking place over the last few days, and as one might expect, most of the big news has come from Japan’s two big hitters in the industry, Sony and Nintendo. With a lot of the focus being on the respective handheld consoles the two companies have on sale, this could be an interesting read fro those who like gaming on the go.

  • It was Nintendo who had their conference first, so I’ll start with them. It seems that the Big N are very keen to drive on with the recent rise of sales for the 3DS, following price cuts around the world, and address the lack of quality titles currently available for the system. Before the conference they confirmed Mario Tennis 3DS (which will make use of gyro controls), Monster Hunter 4 and a co-op Fire Emblem 3DS game, while during the actual conference Square Enix announced a new 3DS RPG (bizarrely called Bravery Default Flying Fairy…). Nintendo also revealed a new pink colour job for the 3DS – clearly designed to attract more female gamers methinks.
  • The big news as far as the hardware itself is confirmed is that the second analogue stick add-on is indeed real. The controversial add-on will be released in Japanon the 10thDecember for 1,500 yen, and will require one AAA battery to work…and a 3DS to attach it to. Not all of the titles that have already been released will be compatible with the add on though. Smooth moves Nintendo. You’ll also finally be able to record videos in 3D following a system update due this November.

    Really should have been implemented for a start to be honest
  • Nintendo also released a smattering of new information for titles already confirmed for the 3DS. Amongst the headlines, Metal Mario and Latiku have been confirmed as playable characters in Mario Kart 7, which will also include a first person mode not seen before in the Mario Kart series. Super Mario 3D Land, Paper Mario 3DS and Metal Gear Solid 3DS also got new trailers and gameplay footage. So basically, if you have a 3DS, it will not be until December time that you will really be able to start maximising the full potential of your console.
  • And so now onto Sony’s conference. The first big headline is the release date for the PS Vita: December 17th in Japan. The handheld will release with 26 launch titles, including Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Ridge Racer and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. On top of this, Sony have made the bold promise of having 100 titles available around the launch window. This would make it one of the strongest launches for any console that I can remember. In a disappointing side note, the PS Vita’s battery life will only last for about five hours before it needs recharging. For more details and all the tech specs for the Vita, hit this link.
  • And then suddenly out of nowhere – FINAL FANTASY X IS TO GET A HD REMAKE????? Yep, in a move that no-one anticipated, it was revealed that for the 10th anniversary of the game it will be getting the full HD treatment (as quite a few PS2 games are doing nowadays) and will be available on the PS3 and the PS Vita. Not worth buying a PS3 for, but I must say I am jealous. Click here to read my review of the original on the PS2.
  • To roundup Sony, they gave out figures of how many PS3’s have been sold worldwide since its release – the answer is 52 million. As a Xbox 360 owner, I find it very interesting to see how markedly the gap between the 360 and PS3 has dropped in terms of sales figures over the last two years – they are both still light years behind the Wii in this generation though in overall sales.
  • As I write, Final Fantasy XIII-2 has got its international release dates confirmed: December 15th in Japan, January 31st in America, and February 2ndin Europe. They are also releasing a special edition 320GB PS3 with the game in Japan; no word on whether anyone else will get their hands on it

    Looks pretty swish if you ask me
  • Halo Anniversary will be getting a Halo 2 map for its multiplayer mode, and that map is Headlong. It will be renamed ‘Breakneck’, and will get the visual spit and polish that comes with the Halo Reach engine. Could this mean the possibility of more Halo 2 maps in the future for either Anniversary or Reach?
  • THQ have revealed a bit more about how you will be able to customise WWE 12 to your own taste. Alongside the traditional creation modes for wrestlers, storylines, finishers and entrances, you can now also create your own arena – so if you want to recreate a vintage WCW or nWo arena, you now can.
  • The excellent Red Dead Redemption is to get a Game Of The Year Edition featuring all of the DLC released for the game, set for release on October 14th. If you can’t wait that long, then Take Two have announced that Civilization V will also be getting the GOTY treatment on the 27th September, with a full digital soundtrack and all of the DLC released for the game. 

As ever, comments and subscriptions are welcome. Cheers for the continued support, and I will hopefully get round to posting up a review before my University course starts again.

3DS Ambassador Games Available For Download Now, Deus Ex Reigns Supreme In The Sales Chart & Team Bondi Go Into Administration

It’s news roundup time everybody!

  • This week marks the moment when all of you who rushed off to buy a 3DS at full price get rewarded with your 10 free NES Ambassador Games. The full list is as follows:
-Open Tournament Golf
-Wrecking Crew
-Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
-Super Mario Bros.
-Donkey Kong Jr.
-Balloon Fight
-Ice Climbers
-The Legend of Zelda

A mix of some well known titles and some less recognisable ones there. From what I’ve read around the internet, it seems that actually finding the games on the 3DS eShop is a pain, and that the games have been quite poorly ported. Remember Ambassadors, when the games become available for everyone else with a 3DS (at a price of course), you can re-download the games with updated features like restore points.

  • Zumba Fitness’ reign of terror at the top of the sales chart is over! The new king of the UK charts is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the action RPG developed by Eidos which has had some outstanding reviews from the Press. Just for the record, Zumba Fitness was number one for 10 whole weeks, meaning it fell just short of the undisputed record held by FIFA: Road To The World Cup. Also, Deus Ex sold 2 to 1 on the Xbox 360 compared to the PS3.
  • In a very surprising turn of events, Team Bondi, the developers behind LA Noire, have gone into administration. It has been suggested that they have had a fall-out with publishers Rockstar Games, but where on earth is all the profit that LA Noire made then? Bizzare….and very sad to see another studio threatened with closure.
  • And speaking of Rockstar, they have announced the release date for the free ‘Myths And Mavericks’ DLC for Red Dead Redemption that I posted about a while back. It will be on September 13th and will add amongst other things new locations for multiplayer modes and Landon Ricketts as a multiplayer skin.
  • For those of you who already own Dead Rising 2 and think that Dead Rising: Off The Record is just a lazy rehash on Capcom’s behalf may have new reason to buy it. This week Capcom announced that a ‘Sandbox’ mode, with no time limits, will be implemented into Off The Record, allowing the unlimited zombie killing spree that I’m sure many fans have requested since the original Dead Rising. Good stuff.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer has a new player to grace its covers, and that man is Cristiano Ronaldo, who replaces Lionel Messi. Not really news is it? I suppose that kind of reflects PES in microcosm – no-one really cares anymore.

I’ll be posting my next review, Gears Of War, sometime over the weekend. In the meantime, have a great weekend.