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Nintendo Reveal 3DS XL, Okami HD Confirmed & Final Fantasy VII To Be Released On Steam?

  • Nintendo have unveiled the 3DS XL, a larger version of the standard 3DS. The handheld (which was originally going to be announced at E3) features two slightly larger screens (the top screen increases to 4.88 inches from 3.58 and the bottom from 3.02 to 4.18 inches) and an improved battery life. However, it doesn’t feature a second circle pad that had to be shoehorned onto the original 3DS as a add-on, meaning games like Metal Gear Solid 3DS and Monster Hunter will be unplayable…and the 3DS XL is set to $200 when it gets released at the end of July. So, its more expensive and despite its increased size doesn’t have an extra analogue stick – I can’t help but think Nintendo have dun goofed.
  • It would appear the next game in the queue for new HD graphics is the PS2 classic Okami. The game, which featured very distinctive artwork based on Japanese mythology, will also be playable with Playstation Move controls and support widescreen. It will be available via PSN for £16 this Autumn, which I think is a pretty good deal.
  • Final Fantasy VII may finally be coming to Steam. Yesterday, a product description from Square was leaked indicating that the game will feature cloud support and 36 achievements via the Steam system, as well as a base price of £7.99. The page was quickly removed by Square, but the intent for the release is definitely there.
  • Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I wish I was Stan Lee?’ Well, anyone who had that fantasy will soon be able to live out your wildest dreams, as the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man video game allows you to play as the legendary comic book writer complete with all of Spidey’s abilities. It looks bizarre in action, and yet is also strangely one of the funniest things you will ever see – check it out.
  • Finally, on July 29th you will be able to travel to your nearest GAME (providing they didn’t shut down near the start of the year) and pick up a brand new white PS3, complete with a 320GB HDD and two controllers. You also get 90 days on Playstation Plus thrown in for good measure. It is set to cost £240.