Review Table


 A quick glance view at my opinions on the games I have played 

Game Title (click link for full review) Review In A Nutshell Score (out of 10)
Actua Soccer 2 Early arcade football thrills boosted by the endorsement of Alan Shearer No Score Given
Alan Wake A gripping psychological horror adventure with a top notch atmosphere marred by repetitive combat 8
Audiosurf Trippy backgrounds and a soundtrack limited only by your media files makes this the best music visualiser around No Score Given
Bastion A beautiful artstyle, great soundtrack and solid action RPG contols makes this one of the indie scene’s gems 8.5
Batman: Arkham Asylum The best superhero game for years and debatably the Dark Knight’s finest hour 9
Batman: Arkham City Refines the gameplay of Asylum and moves to a large open world, but sacrifices the claustrophobic atmosphere 9
Blue Dragon Too childlike and too much of a grindfest to be of interest to serious JRPG fans 5
Borderlands 2 A potential candidate for best sequel ever – humorous and explosive loot-and-shoot fun 9
Braid Inventive use of time for its puzzles and gorgeous style are offset by short playthrough time 7.5
Bubsy 3D The most diabolically awful game you will ever play 1
Chrono Trigger The timeless JRPG by which all others should be measured 10
Conker’s Bad Fur Day Provides lashings of crude humour and pushes the Nintendo 64 to it’s technological limits 9
Crash Bandicoot Showing its age now, but a solid debut for Sony’s original mascot 6
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Improves upon the original in almost every way and then adds jetpacks and giant polar bears for good measure 8
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped The Bandicoot’s finest hour 8.5
Crash Team Racing The best alternative to Mario Kart – still addictively playable to this day 9
Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos Charming, but ruined by shoddy controls and awful collision detection 3
Darksiders Not quite on par with God Of War, but otherwise a solid hack and slash adventure filled with fantastic design and excellent vocal work 7
Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey Of The Cursed King A traditionalist JRPG fan’s dream – the tried and tested Dragon Quest formula with beautiful cel-shaded graphics, a sweeping orchestral score and a dash of British wit 9.5
Driver Glitchy and famously difficult to complete, but the closest you’ll ever get to a playable 70s cop movie 7
Far Cry 2 Interesting gameplay concepts made redundant by respawning enemies and slow combat 5
Far Cry 3 A near perfect sandbox adventure in a massive jungle bursting with distractions 9
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Ditches the seriousness of Far Cry 3 for cheesy explosive 80s action and is all the better for it  9
FIFA 09 A massive step up by EA from previous FIFA games, but too easy to dominate with quick players No Score Given
FIFA 10 The introduction of 360 degree dribbling was a revelation and made this essential. Since surpassed by its sequels No Score Given
FIFA 11 Refinement rather than revolution made it worth a purchase No Score Given
FIFA 12 The best FIFA experience yet; introduction of Football Club and new engine resulted in a incredible timesink 8.5
FIFA 13 Introduction of minigames aside, does little to improve upon FIFA 12’s recipe 8
Final Fantasy IV Advance A fine update of the SNES classic but a bit too traditional to fully enjoy nowadays 7
Final Fantasy V Advance Suffers from a bland story and unnecessary grinding, but the Job System allows for great flexibility 7
Final Fantasy VI The best cast of any Final Fantasy and features the greatest villain to grace a video game. Only the primitive graphics hold it back 9.5
Final Fantasy VII Internet hyperbole aside, this is still one of the grandest video games to ever exist – highly ambitious at release and has stood the test of time 10
Final Fantasy IX A delightful return to fantasy origins for the series which remains the most accessible and charming of the lot 9.5
Final Fantasy X Reinvigorates the battle system and provides a more thought provoking and serious tale than its predecessors 9
Final Fantasy XII Terrific style and presentation let down by stale MMO-esque combat and predictable storyline 5
Final Fantasy XIII The most divisive game in the series yet; a confusing story, poorly implemented automatic combat system and lack of open world put most fans off 5
Final Fantasy XIII-2 A surprise and yet welcome sequel, fixing several problems with the original 7.5
Formula One Remains one of the best attempts to bring the sport to the living room almost two decades on, complete with Murray Walker on commentary 7.5
Gears Of War A bombastic early showcase of what the Xbox 360 was capable of, and narratively the strongest of the three 8.5
Gears Of War 2 Ups the spectacle from the original and adds Horde mode spawning a slew of imitators 9
Gears Of War 3 The culmination of a great series; the plot ends on a weak note but the multiplayer modes are great fun to play 9
Gran Turismo Mindblowing at the time of release for its attention to detail; quickly surpassed by the sequel No Score Given
Gran Turismo 2 Still the best Gran Turismo of them all No Score Given
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec An early reveal of the PS2’s potential, but lacking the soul and content of GT2 No Score Given
Grand Theft Auto IV A modern day take on Liberty City steals the show, but swaps the trademark GTA fun for a drab and miserable atmosphere 7.5
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City The essence of the 1980s distilled into a video game – never has a game suited its environment so much 9
Guitar Hero Become a rock god in your own living room with a great setlist and addictive gameplay 8
Halo: Reach A well written prequel story and a multiplayer suite crafted after years of experience make this the strongest Halo yet 9.5
Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Innovative for its lack of loading screens, but too short with a major focus on collectibles and awkward controls 7
Jak II: Renegade Ditches the cutesy atmosphere of Precursor Legacy for a darker world with vehicles, guns and brutally difficult missions 7.5
Jak 3 The most balanced of the Jak trilogy, bursting with things to do and a refined sense of control 8
LIMBO The grim noir style catches the eye and the ‘trial and death’ gameplay keeps you coming back 8
Lost Odyssey An underrated modern crack at the traditional JRPG by Mistwalker that remains one of the 360’s hidden gems 7.5
Mass Effect Bioware’s space opera is filled with deep lore, a great cast of characters and huge worlds to explore 8.5
Mass Effect 2 Expands the cast and raises the stakes in the story, but removes much of the exploration in favour of combat 8
Mass Effect 3 An epic and emotional finale to Shepard’s journey; get the ‘Citadel’ and ‘Extended Cut’ DLC for the best impact 9
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance A triumph for stupidity – ridiculous plot, fast-paced ‘hack and slash’ action and a superb rock soundtrack combine to surprise everyone 8.5
Metal Gear Solid Properly introduced stealth to gaming and remains one of the all-time greats 9.5
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Subsistence offers the most well rounded Metal Gear Solid experience, and adds two whole discs of bonus material including a three hour movie – few games offer so much content 10
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Cinematic in the extreme and betrays many of the stealth conventions the series pioneered, but glorious from start to finish and a love letter to all MGS fans 9.5
Metro 2033 Brings the books to life with a well crafted vision of post-apocalyptic Russia, but plagued by woeful FPS mechanics 6
Mother 3 Quirky RPG that never made it out of Japan, with insane enemy design and unique battle systems 8
Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Not as fun as Burnout and lacks the realism of Gran Turismo, but the plot is dumb fun and cop chases are a hoot 7
Persona 4: Arena Blends the deep story of Persona with the artwork and fighting style of Guilty Gear to good effect 8
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Criminally ignored by Sony and lacking several notable characters or any real story, but debatably more playable (and more fun) than Super Smash Brothers Brawl 7
Pokemon Black & White Adds new monsters & locales and improved linkup methods for the DS, but does little to reinvigorate the series. Ignore this and go for the sequel instead 7.5
Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Re-uses a lot of Black & White but marginally improves with new locations, a better story and the Pokemon World Tournament 8
Pokemon Gold & Silver With both Kanto and Johto to explore this is the longest Pokemon journey yet, but the new monsters fail to capture the originality of Red & Blue 8.5
Pokemon Red & Blue The start of a phenomenon and the essential companion of any Game Boy owner 9.5
Poker Night At The Inventory Once the novelty of playing poker with The Heavy wears off, there is little to keep you from returning 6
Portal Short but intelligent physics based puzzler with a now iconic villain in the form of GlaDOS and funny dialogue 8
Pro Evolution Soccer A compellingly addictive football simulator rarely beaten on the Playstation No Score Given
Pro Evolution Soccer 4 The finest football game on the market for nearly half a decade No Score Given
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Slower gameplay attempts to recreate the tussles of midfield battles, and licensed teams plus online play improved the experience No Score Given
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 A lazy, uninspired cash in marking the point where FIFA got the upper hand No Score Given
Psychonauts Tim Schafer’s amusing and highly playable platformer which takes place in the minds of nutters 9
Ratchet & Clank Unnecessarily hard and awkward to control at times, but the interesting selection of weapons should hold your interest 7.5
Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando Bigger and better than the original with a devastating arsenal of weapons at your fingertips 8.5
Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal Adds side scrolling segments and multiplayer to an already very solid formula; up there with the best the PS2 has to offer 8.5
Rayman The limbless wonder debuts in a game which hides tough platforming behind its cartoony visuals 7.5
Red Dead Redemption More than just Grand Theft Auto with horses; John Marston’s journey in the Wild West is Rockstar’s finest hour yet 9.5
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare A humorous add-on cashing in on the zombie craze which is a tad too formulaic 8
Resident Evil 5 Marks the point where the series shifted to action in favour of horror; competent but hardly a fright fest 7
Ridge Racer Type 4 The arcade alternative to Gran Turismo power-slides past all opposition 8
Rogue Galaxy Stop-start combat and unwieldy levelling mechanics spoil an otherwise decent JPRG romp through space 7.5
Sheep, Dog ‘N’ Wolf Loony Tunes meets Metal Gear Solid in a rare and quirky mess 6
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Grim and uncompromising at times, but gave the JRPG genre the kick up the arse it severely required 9
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Solve a series of murders while studying for exams and fighting demons inside a TV; a stylishly brilliant antidote to more traditional JRPG’s 9.5
Sid Meier’s Civilization IV The definition of ‘one more turn’ – craft history as you see fit in one of the finest RTS games ever made 9
Sleeping Dogs Inferior to Grand Theft Auto but retains enough individuality with its setting and combat to stand out in a sea of clones 7.5
Spider-Man 2 (2004) Remains the closest gaming simulation of what it would be like to be the famous wall-crawler 7
Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer Fixed everything wrong with the original and moved the purple dragon straight to the top of the platforming pile 9
Spyro: Year Of The Dragon Huge world and bursting with distractions; Playstation platforming at its apex 9
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic The combination of Dungeons & Dragons mechanics and a gripping original story makes this essential for Star Wars fans 9
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Short and simplistic but blessed with interesting design and clever gameplay 7.5
Super Smash Brothers Nowhere near as good as Melee or Brawl, but set the template from which greatness would follow 7
Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars The plumber switches pipes for turn-based combat in this superb collaboration between Nintendo and Squaresoft 9
Super Mario World Few games are even half as good as this remains; Super Mario World is playability incarnate 10
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Seems clunky in comparison to Skyrim but the scope of the world and sheer content are second to none 8.5
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim An enormous open world filled with detail and great lore is yours to explore in one of the games of the generation 9.5
The Last Remnant Incomprehensible and unwieldy JRPG that is best to avoid 3
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Age has exposed its flaws, but the revolutionary gameplay can still occasionally encapsulate 8.5
The Walking Dead: A TellTale Games Series An episodic point and click adventure of the highest quality with testing moral questions and tremendous emotional impact 9
The Wolf Among Us: Episode One – Faith A accomplished adaptation of the Fables universe with an engaging plot hinting at more to come 8
Trials Evolution With a flexible track editor and the compulsive desire to shave milliseconds off your times, you will never be short of content 9
Trials HD Race motorcycles in a time-trial bonanza which is easy to pick up and ridiculously tough to master No Score Given

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