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You’d Be Brainless To Miss It – Psychonauts Review


Something to do with minds? Must…resist…Inception based brain joke….

Upon its release in 2005, Psychonauts was given great praise and several accolades from the gaming press – the most notable of these awards however were the ones deeming Psychonauts to be the ‘Best Game That No-One Played’. By the end of the year, less than 100,000 copies had been sold, and the publisher Majesco quietly withdraw from the market. Thus, the game earned a cult following and stayed quietly in the background…until it was included in the fifth Humble Indie Bundle and consequently sold more copies in a few hours digitally than it had done at retail. And it is through these means that I have recently been able to play what I consider to be one of the most well rounded platformers I have come across. Continue reading You’d Be Brainless To Miss It – Psychonauts Review

Dance In The Moonlight With a Grizzly Boor – Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Review


Evil spirits, dancing boors and your very own rock concert – its an eclectic story

What a strange little game Superbrothers is. When I acquired the fifth Humble Indie Bundle earlier this year, I will admit that Sword & Sworcery (hereafter referred to as S & S) wasn’t especially high on my list of things to play – a port of a game originally released on iOS devices didn’t exactly seem the most enticing prospect compared to the likes of LIMBO and Bastion. However, I recently gave the game a go, and found its surreal charm to be quite amusing and intuitive. Continue reading Dance In The Moonlight With a Grizzly Boor – Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Review

A Game Worthy Of The Tate Gallery – LIMBO Review


It’s never explained what LIMBO is – like most great things, it’s left to your interpretation

If you are searching for a Tolkien-esque narrative in a game, then LIMBO is not the title for you. Similarly, if you have a fondness for relentless action, then you would probably not give it a second glance. You see, LIMBO is about 1% story, 2% controls, 7% puzzles and 90% overwhelming style. If ever an argument was to be put forward for a game being a piece of art, then this would surely be at the forefront. Continue reading A Game Worthy Of The Tate Gallery – LIMBO Review

“History As You Know It, Is History” – Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Review


From the start of time until its end...the road is yours to travel

As a general rule of thumb, I tend to avoid strategy games. I have never really been one for wanting to plan an attack in a game world situation – I play games to escape the planning of real life, and would much rather jump off some platforms and swing a sword around in my virtual world. All this considered, it makes my opinion on Sid Meier’s Civilization IV all the more surprising. I picked it up two years ago from a bargain bin in my local Morrison’s for just £6, and it may well be the best deal I have ever found, because there is so much game tucked away in Civilization IV’s disc that it beggars belief at times.

The Civilization series has long been seen as one of the kings of the strategy genre, alongside other heavyweights such as Age Of Empires. I like to think that a good deal of the appeal derives from the games relatively simple concept – starting in the year 4000 BC, you choose one out of a variety of historical leaders (ranging from the likes of Montezuma to Gandhi and from Julius Caesar to Queen Victoria) and have up until 2050 AD to rewrite history and become the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. Standing in the way of your noble quest are such challenges as politics, keeping your population healthy, raising education, and of course defending your empire from the other leaders on the map trying to create their great societies. Continue reading “History As You Know It, Is History” – Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Review

Bending Physics And Breaking Hearts – Portal Review


To quote Micheal Sheen in Tron Legacy - 'This is going to be quite the ride...'

When The Orange Box was released in 2007, no-one expected that a small puzzle game bundled into the mixture would become the standout package. And yet that is what Portal has managed to achieve, winning gamers over with outstanding use of physics, clever puzzles, and a highly popular villain. Recently, GamesRadar placed Portal as the #1 game on their Top 100 Games Of All Time List, and this review is written as a response to this decision, to see if the choice is justified. Continue reading Bending Physics And Breaking Hearts – Portal Review