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Time To Go Monochrome…Again? – Pokemon Black & White 2 Review


Black Kyurem – better than White Kyurem. Fact

I wasn’t the only one who felt surprised when it was announced that Pokemon Black & White (which I reviewed at the end of last year) were to be given direct sequels. The franchise has never really bought into the idea of ‘continuing storylines’, preferring instead to release and enhanced editions of games (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum) before moving onto the next generation, so fans began to question whether it was a wise move. Black & White 2 (hereafter called BW2) adds a hefty amount of new content to the mix, but does it do enough to warrant earning your cash, especially if you already own Black or White? Continue reading Time To Go Monochrome…Again? – Pokemon Black & White 2 Review

Time To Go Monochrome – Pokemon Black And White Review


Reshiram and Zekrom look moody on the front covers

I think it would be fair to say that coming into the start of last year, the Pokemon franchise had become a bit stale. The games were still international best sellers, but the fourth generation of games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) had a pretty lazy roster of new monsters, and these were followed up by remakes of the second generation games Gold & Silver, which while good, were essentially rehashed games from the last decade. Pokemon needed a serious kick up the arse to keep itself relevant.

Enter the fifth generation of Pokemon, in the form of Black & White. These games brought 150 completely original monsters into the fray, and introduced a number of new features designed to get a whole new generation of children into Pokemon. Now the advertsing must have been pretty effective, because in November last year I actually went out and purchased a DS to get back into Pokemon after a five year hiatus, picking up a copy of Pokemon White in the process. After a modest 160 hours of game-time, I feel well placed to give my thoughts on whether Black & White have done the trick, and made Pokemon interesting again. Continue reading Time To Go Monochrome – Pokemon Black And White Review