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How I Made My Radio Debut

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to co-host a show on Siren FM (107.3FM), the community radio station based at Lincoln University. In the past I have done various radio/podcast projects, but this was the first time I have ever done anything live. The show was focused on generally all things nerdy and game related, with a few bits of eclectic music thrown in for good measure. If you would like to listen to how I sound in real life, then the link is below for the full show

It was pretty well received, so hopefully I will be continuing to co-host the show over the next few months.

Huzzah! I’m Back…And With A Big New Computer As Well!

Well, my faithful old laptop is dead. The virus that put a halt to my operations a month or so ago has been removed…but I can’t keep the laptop from overheating and dying when installing a new operating system. Still, all good things come to an end, and all clouds have a silver lining (apparently).

So, the solution was to ask my two best friends to build me a computer – a task which they have completed with a great deal of aplomb. As a result, I can now type up articles again and generally do everything I could before; only faster and better. So, expect some articles in the coming weeks when I get back in the writing groove.

Apologies for the delays

Temporary Absence From Blogging

Recently, the laptop from which the majority of my articles are written came down with a virus, which has seriously inhbited the amount of stuff that I have been able to write. As a result, I just wanted to give a heads up that I may not be producing articles and stuff for a while – I’ll do my best to fix it and be back up and running again. Cheers for the patience.

My Blog One Year On

Perhaps suprisingly, its one year to the day since I started up this little blog. I just wanted to write a quick word to say thank you for all the support, and I hope the news, reviews, lists and music have kept you all amused. I’ve kept interest in this project far longer than I had originally anticipated, so expect for more content over the next year.


Breaking News: I’m Actually Going To Buy A Game At Release Again

It seems strange that barely a year ago I was stood outside of my local Gamestation branch with some friends eagerly waiting to get our hands on Halo Reach – time has indeed gone very quickly indeed. Tonight, I will be getting my first new game since FIFA 11 last year, and that game of course is going to be Gears Of War 3, the final part of Epic Games sci-fi cover shooter trilogy. If anyone else if going to be braving the elements (and the drunks) around the UK tonight, I hope you all get a copy. With regards to prices, it seems pretty stable at the moment across the board, with no-one willing to budge from the RRP of around £39.99 – GAME and HMV are doing trade in offers with Dead Island, and you’ll be able to get 10% off at certain Gamestation stores if you are a student.

As a final note, I’ve read that the install size for the disc will be about 7.2 GB, making it one of the first games to come out on the new DVD format discs that Microsoft are introducing. Best clear some HDD space then. Anyway, happy hunting Gears fans.

It’s Over 5,000!!!!….Views

Hey everyone, I would just like to thank you all for the continued support of my blog, getting to 5,000 post views within a year exceeds my wildest expectations that I had for the project. As ever, I am always looking to improve where I can, so if you notice any flaws with the site, or just generally want to make note of something in my reviews/news/whatever, feel free to comment.

Today also marks the day that I finally have my hands on a Nintendo console, and now i can FINALLY get round to playing The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. I therefore feel this video is highly appropiate.

Coming Soon To A Video Game Blog Near You….

The sun is out, football is on the television, and I’m sifting through my catalogue of old games to find something to play – yep, you really can tell its August can’t you. Sadly, the ultra bonanza of games heading into stores is still a few weeks away, but it means that now I find myself in a period of the year that I actually rather enjoy, where I go back and revisit games I’ve played in the past purely for the sake of fun. Having spent a lot of June and July going through some of my Playstaion classics, I’m focusing on a selection of SNES games that I started playing ages ago, but neglected to finish. Perhaps this is rather appropriate considering the SNES celebrates 20 years since its release in America on Tuesday.

As ever, I have been busy writing up some reviews, and in the next few weeks you can expect to read my opinions on Super Mario RPG, Gears Of War, Driver, Dragon Quest 8, and a special feature on my favourite internet browser games. I hope you will find them to be an interesting read.

That’s all for now then, as ever thank you for reading my blog, and feel free to read and comment on all my reviews and articles.

Blog Update V1.1 – New Scoring System Implemented

Hey everyone, and welcome to this: Version 1.1 of my blog. I’ve done a bit of work on updating and rectifying mistakes on old posts, and most importantly I have decided to revamp my scoring system to allow a bit more flexibility and give some more differentiation between games on the same score. How have I done this you may ask? With an internet image generator and the addition of decimal places into my scores. The core content of my reviews have remained unchanged, but the scores will now vary by about .5 in one direction or another. I also hope you like the new score images, replacing those that I borrowed from Gamepad Magazine.

If you notice anything that you feel would benefit from a change then by all means suggest it to me in the comments section, otherwise thanks for reading and enjoy the changes.

Analogue Television Is Dead…Long Live The Analogue!!!

Today marks an event that if nothing else, shows the movement of the times in the digital age. From today, homes in parts of Yorkshire and my beloved Lincolnshire will lose the analogue signal for television channels that has served us since pretty much the beginning of television. The reason for this is that the UK is switching to a digital signal, which presumably will be quicker, easier and cheaper for everyone.

Belmont Tower (just outside of Louth), once the tallest structure in both the UK and the EU before 2010, will continue to send digital signals in Lincolnshire. No more analogue though.

From a practical point of view, our household is well covered; I’ve had a freeview box for about five or six years now, and the television downstiars is connected to Sky. However, I always find it sad to see when old technology, once seen as pioneering, is simply tossed aside for a new alternative. How many of us will celebrate the wonders of what analogue signals have given us over the years? And on another matter, how many tips across the country are suddenly going to be inudated with old televisions which no have no purpose as they cant pick up signals (and can’t be put to proper recycling use becuase the innards don’t have much value)? I’m pretty cynical about the whole deal; analogue signals had been clear as they ever were, and I think this is more of an economic drive to get people to buy new televisions than  anything else.

Pray silence then, for the humble analogue system. Thanks for all the enjoyment you have provided over the years, you will not be forgotten in a rush. By me at least.